On Feb 8th we are celebrating Universal Propose day as a part of Valentine week. On this day everyone has the freedom to propose to their loved ones. So for you, we have given the excellent collection of propose day images. To impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, we have given many Happy propose day quotes along with Propose day Shayari for girlfriend, by this Shayari your girlfriend will definitely accept your love.

Proposing is one of the beautiful parts in the love. Up to before proposing we will hide all feelings in our heart only but that is the moment to show our love. We are expressing all our love in the form of words. It is a very lovely and memorable moment in our life.

Best Rose Day Quotes Images SMS Shayari wishes

Not only to your boyfriend or girlfriend express your feelings to your wife, husband, mother, father and for all persons whom you love. Best propose day images are given here, please download it and send through Facebook or WhatsApp. Also, check this Happy propose day quotes. Lots of collection of Feb 8th messages are given, once check it out.

Happy Propose Day SMS

  • If I reached for your hand, will you hold it?

If I hold out my arms, will you hug me?

If I go for ur lips, will you kiss me?

If I capture ur heart, will you love me ??

Happy Propose Day Baby

Valentine’s Day 2017: Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend/Wife
  • I have Spent Many Nights without Sleep in Your Love

     and I don’t want,

     My Son to Do same for ur Daughter,

     So let’s make them Brother And Sister …

    “Happy Propose Day Sweety”

  •  Friendship is a promise made in the heart.

       Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance.

       Unchangeable by time. It’s lovely to have u as one!

      Happy Propose Day!

  •  The First Time I Saw You, I

     Noticed My Heart Beat Faster

     & the Situation Is Same

      For Now Maybe I’m In Love

     With You Happy Propose Day

  • Word Have Not Enough Strength

     To Express My Love Towards

      You. My Eyes Are Enough To Express

      It! Happy Propose Day Dear!

Valentine’s Week 2017: Dates, Days, Schedule
  •  The Minute I Heard My First Love

      Story, I Started Looking For

      You, Not Knowing How Blind That

       Was. Lovers Don’t Finally Meet

       Somewhere. They’re In Each Other

  •  I never saw so sweet a face

      As that I stood before.

      My heart has left its dwelling-place

     And can return no more.

     Be with me forever.

  • Grow Old Along With Me;

      The Best Is Yet To Be.

       Will You Spend The Rest

      Of Your Life With Me?

       Happy Propose Day Love


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