Google has introduced the concept of Google doodle to educate people, on every specific day we can see the doodle on the Google search. In the same way, Facebook is also introducing a new marketing program to share moments.

Every day people use Facebook to share their moments with their friends. Now the social networking company is launching a new marketing program to invite people to share and talk about events occurred around the world in different communities.

Their main goal of this new marketing program is

  • Creating ways for the people to connect and share moments with their friends during holidays and events
  • It helps people to discover fun and exciting cultural moments
  • Know about the history and celebrate the precious moments of history and make the world more connected

Facebook rolls out live audio feature on its platform

Share a holiday card

From today onwards people will see a message on the Facebook in their news feed about wishing happy holidays. People are invited to share a holiday card with their friends on FB with 18 different types of designs.

The Facebook team wants to give a delightful experience for their users, so they have introduced this new marketing program. They are hoping these new ways to connect and share events and moments with people will make them more happy and educative.