Moving towards the dream of making Digital India, the central government is planning to launch Aadhaar Payment app soon. So consumers will be able to get rid of plastic money and fear of digital payment account passwords stolen.

Aadhaar Payment app, as the name suggests it will facilitate the Aadhaar-linked digital payment system. The government scheduled to launch the Aadhaar Payment app on tomorrow, i.e., 25th December 2016.

It uses consumer’s Aadhaar card details and their linked bank details along with biometric scans to authenticate transactions. People are no need to download various wallet apps and can make transactions and purchases directly through Aadhaar card number.

Government Starts to Aid Aadhaar Based Transactions through Mobile Phones

How does it work?

  • Consumers need to download the Aadhaar Payment app on their smartphones on their smartphones.
  • They need to connect to the biometric reader which is currently available for Rs 2000.
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number into the app and select the bank for transaction.
  • The biometric scan is used as a password for the transaction to authenticate.

IDFC bank along with UIADI and the National Payments Corporation of India has developed this Aadhaar Payment app. It has two sides, and one is merchant app, and other is consumer app.

  • Consumer app is just like the mobile wallet which is linked to Aadhaar card to make quick online transactions.
  • The primary part of the Merchant app is Merchant app.

Misuse of Aadhaar Card is now a Punishable Offence

If a customer has two accounts in the same bank, they need to choose the primary account out of those two. So whenever any Aadhaar-based transactions made, the amount will detect from credit or debit from the selected account by default.

The Aadhaar Payment app aims to eliminate the fee payments or transactions for service providers like MasterCard or Visa.


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