It is Christmas time!!! Happiness is spread everywhere, and all people set their schedule for Xmas celebrations. Carols and songs play an important role in the festive, these carols, and songs take our message to the god.

This carols culture has started in Europe thousand years ago, but they are not Christmas carols. They are pagan songs sung at the winter solstice celebrations and people used to dance around the stoned circles.

Then Christians take over the pagan winter solstice celebrations and gave Christian songs to sing instead of pagan songs. In the year 129, a Roman bishop ordered people to sing Angel’s Hymn at Christmas service in Rome. But many people didn’t like it because these Carols are written in Latin.

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In 1223 St. Francis of Assisi has changed the pattern, he introduced nativity plays in Italy. They used to sing songs between the story. These carols are very easily understandable to the people because it is in their local language. Later on, these new carols are spread to France, Spain, Germany and other European countries.

In 16th century celebrations of Christmas and singing carols are stopped in England when Oliver Cromwell and Puritans came to power. Later on, these carols got more recognization all over the world. Without these carols, no Christmas day will begin.

So here we are giving Best Christmas Carols of wide range collection, once check it. Select your favorite Xmas hymns and share with your friends and neighbors.

Best Christmas Carols :

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