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WhatsApp new feature allows users to send videos as GIFs

WhatsApp for Android is gearing up to share animated GIF images or small length videos as GIF sort of images. The new feature from WhatsApp will allow users to convert a video of lesser than six seconds to an animated GIF image. Users running beta versions of WhatsApp Android from 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 can avail this new GIF image support. The updated beta version which supports this new feature is available in Google Play Store.

It is reported that the GIF image support was observed on the 2.16.242 beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Later, it was tested and proved that the feature is available for the beta versions from 2.16.242 to 2.16.244. Users have to go to the attachment icon on the top of the chat screen and select the attachment.

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Users will record a 6 second or lesser than 6 seconds video by using video recording option. A trimming video page with a camcorder icon will appear in the top right corner of the page. The recorded video will be converted into a GIF by just selecting the icon.

The feature is also enabled for the existing videos in the gallery which are of 6 seconds or less. Users can also trim the videos by using video trimmer which is inbuilt. It also supports users to attach videos from another app and share through Whatsapp. The camcorder icon disappears for videos which haven’t got trimmed to a time limit of 6 seconds.

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These uploaded files are converted as mp4 files without an audio and auto-play line-in. The files which users sends or receives are saved in the path WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Animated GIFs as mp4 files as well.

A Buzz is created that WhatsApp first announced this GIF image Support back in June and to launch on iOS platform first. But as if now, there is no information regarding the launch of this feature for iOS users.

Stop Sharing WhatsApp Phone Numbers with Facebook with this Step by Step Process

Now you can stop WhatsApp Contacts sharing with Facebook in simple Steps mentioned below.

After the launch of WhatsApp, for the first time, it comes with an update in terms and policy to communicate with businesses in the months ahead. WhatsApp joined Facebook on 2014 and have rolled out many new features such as end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp Calling, and tools for messaging like WhatsApp for Desktop and The Web.

Whatsapp to allow Businesses to Message 1B+ Users

So now WhatsApp says that “we want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam. Whether it hears from your bank about a potentially fraudulent transaction or getting notified by an airline about a delayed flight, many of us get this information elsewhere, including in text messages and phone calls. We want to test these features in the next several months, but need to update our terms and privacy policy to do so.”

WhatsApp new feature allows users to send videos as GIFs

Step by Step Process to Stop Sharing WhatsApp Contacts to Facebook

  • Open your WhatsApp in your Smartphone
  • Tap on Settings
  • Then Tap on Account
  • Then you will find Share my account Info option
  • Click on the Don’t Share Button

Note: Once if you click on don’t share button, you won’t be able to change this in future

The recent updates from WhatsApp

  • Information that is easier to understand
  • Your messages which no one can read them (end-to-end encrypted)
  • No third party banner ads
  • New ways to use WhatsApp such as through order, transaction, and appointment information, delivery and shipping notifications, product and service updates, and marketing.

Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Google Allo is making its way to Android play store very soon. Allo was introduced at Google’s I/O Developers conference along with Duo. This new app from search engine giant is already announced that is going to be for text messaging. Google Allo Leaked ahead of its launch in incognito chat.

The preview test version of Allo Beta is leaked, and there are much many features which resemble WhatsApp and Snapchat. Whatsapp is a very popular app with the huge user base, and Snapchat is a pro at sending disappearing messages and videos to contacts.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Combining these both, Google has added the best of these features in its Allo. It’s the latest launch in the recent past Duo offers feature what hangouts has been offering till now. It is expected that this new Allo from Google will surpass the individual apps in the market like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Snapchat.

The developer believed the idea of simplicity which worked well regarding Duo. Allo possesses a Slicker and Much cooler interface. Leading text messaging platform WhatsApp has never concentrated on the looks, seems that became a boon for Allo.

Google’s earlier attempts like Gtalk and Hangouts to make a mark in a messaging world were proven failed. With so many messaging apps releasing in the market, hangouts didn’t found efficient and expressive. Thus, it leads to Allo and Duo.

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According to the reports, Allo and Duo share the same interface while using the Voice message feature. With clean animation and background, the app will be more like WhatsApp with double tick option too.

Recording a voice message can be done by pressing a button and can be cancelled by using a slide option. Allo also has the option to search keywords which help while rewinding conversations.

The app also offers incognito mode and will be end-to-end encrypted for a better security. Activation of Allo is quite simple and just requires user’s phone number. Interestingly, the same tech company is involved in the development of Allo and WhatsApp.

Hike Messenger Becomes New Member of Unicorn Club Raising $175 Million Funds

Hike Messenger raises $175 million funds from Tencent Holdings and Foxconn Technology Group

Hike Messenger has raised $175 million funds from Tencent Holdings and Foxconn Technology Group there by joining the unicorn club with USD 1.4 billion. The other members of the Unicorn club include Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ola from India.

To be a part of this organization club, the startups must have a valuation over $1 billion. The new member Hike becomes 10th one from India. The present investors Tiger Global, Bharti Enterprises and Softbank Group also participated in the funding round.

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Tencent Holdings Ltd is a Chinese internet giant, and Foxconn Technology Group is from Taiwan. The company has raised $250 million till date

The Founder and CEO of Hike Messenger is Kavin Bharti Mittal son of Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal. Hike currently has tough competition from Facebook-owned Whats app messenger in India.

Hike Messenger was launched in the year 2012 and gained huge popularity within an year. However, Facebook over took in the past two years. As of now whatsapp occupies 96%of smartphones in India followed by Facebook and hike messenger.

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Hike Messenger CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal said “Tencent and Foxconn both have pedigrees that speak for themselves and such an investment especially in today’s market just goes to show the strong foundation on which Hike is being built. The new fund raise is going to allow us to push Hike to greater heights and invest in areas that will be key to our long-term vision and success.”

“The team (Hike) has reached an outstanding scale in a short span of 3.5 years. As an investor, we share their vision and are happy that they are moving ahead in their journey so quickly in a competitive environment” said Masayoshi Son, Founder, Chairman and CEO, SoftBank Group

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Hike did not disclose the number of monthly active users. When asked about the same issue Mittal said “ We don’t disclose that just yet. We believe that gives us a competitive advantage. If you don’t disclose, people think you are small, aand that’s a good thing,”

Currently hike messenger is supporting 8 other Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.

Whatsapp Chats Are Not Completely Deleting When You Hit Delete Chats

You are now about to bother regarding the WhatsApp chats deletion. According to the research done by the iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, he says that WhatsApp stores the chat logs even after deleted.

After examining the disc images collected from the very recent version of the application, this researcher has found that the software retains and stores the forensic trace of the chat logs even after the user deletes the conversations and creating the prospective treasure which troves of the information for anyone with the physical access of the device.

WhatsApp new Feature Voicemail is now Live on Beta Version. WhatsApp APK download

This same data can be recovered through any remote backup systems, which is the thing you all have to worry about.

Almost in many cases, the data is noted as deleted by the application itself. But it has not be overwritten so this is still recoverable through the forensic tools. Jonathan Zdziarski attributed the problem to the SQLite library which has been used in coding of the application which doesn’t overwrite by default.

Zdziarski wrote like this in the post “The core issue here is that ephemeral communication is not temporary on disc,”

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Jonathan is finding the with the deals with, how things are happening with the data after it reaches to the phone, mainly when the data is stored on the device local disc drive or the iCloud storage. The messages on the WhatsApp are backed up by the iCloud without any encryption methods. So the details of the conversations can be obtained by the police or other authorities if the court orders to retrieve the chats even they are deleted within the app.

Watch this image for the overview

WhatsApp hasn’t responded immediately to the request for the comment on this critical issue.

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