Google Classroom App is the company’s source which brings Google Applications that related to education together. This was designed hand in hand with the teachers for helping them to save time and maintain the classrooms organised. This also improves communication with the students like never before.

This application is included with several tools which are utilized to manage the classes and content. It helps students in getting regular updates with regard to timings and other important occasions in the right time.

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For example, the students get summer updates in the right time before next year school starts. Google Classroom App is mainly focused on implementing new tools for both the teachers and the students, this new version is now made available for the parents and guardians.

They can automatically receive the updates and summaries regarding their kid’s work. So they will be aware of the work what exactly and how their kid is performing the given class work. We guess this feature will be loved by the parents, although students may not be happy about it.

With this Parents and guardians stay informed with the email summaries from Google Classroom. The email settings can be assigned as per their preferences; they can receive the emails daily or weekly emails.

For the students, the updated version of the Google Classroom App mobile applications is currently available with these features, ability to annotate the documents collaboratively, make it easy for the students and teachers to team up outside of the classroom.

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The students can sketch out the mathematics problems and create the visuals for move with their assignments. In a similar way Teachers can use annotations to grade assignments and mark up the student’s assignments, and even they can highlight the passages in a document which they share in the class.

Google has not made heavy changes for the teachers segment in this new version. Google has made only few update like, they can manage the activity streams at the center of Classroom. And Google is now allowing to add the images to the questions and multiple choices answers in the Google forms.


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