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WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

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We have a broad range of apps for Video Calling. But very soon WhatsApp is going to compete with all above video calling applications such as Viber, Skype, etc.

WhatsApp plans to set out access to video calling function, but the App gives access to the beta version.

WhatsApp beta version v2.16.80 for Android devices is now available for download. As of now the app is just available to beta testers from Google play beta testing program.

WhatsApp comes closer to Video-call Update

After downloading the video call option, the beta users get a choice for voice and video call on clicking the calling button whereas the app greets with a message saying ‘couldn’t place call.’

The video calling feature is currently available on Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk and one of the best options for video calling “SKYPE.”

But the feature of video calling comparatively will be a revolutionary in many ways. Today WhatsApp claimed an end to end encryption and given with obsession for privacy. The same encryption privacy is provided to video calling feature. And also does WhatsApp supports in the group is another big question.

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac and Windows

Earlier, rumors spread on WhatsApp will work on a callback feature and voice mail support. WhatsApp clearly indicated that it wants more enterprises and business on board.

Also launches Document Sharing Feature

Document sharing feature added on May 13th let you send files and allowed to download the standalone app for both Mac and Windows. The Facebook-owned company allowed users to access the messaging app on their desktop, but now the standalone app lets users enjoy the platform on Windows or Mac, regardless of the browsers.

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Logi ZeroTouch Gives You the Best Features of a Connected Car

Logitech had unveiled its smartphone mount called Zerotouch which is accompanied by a mobile app. The latest product of the company enables to control your android mobile without touching it.

Using a smartphone while driving a car may endanger one’s life.Even though knowing this fact many of us would still 26% of people were doing the same. The new generation cars come up with hands-free controlling of your smartphone but what about the older ones. Everyone can’t afford a new car for such feature.

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The Swiss company had found a better solution by their new product Zerotouch. It comes with two metal vents, a magnetic strip and an android application. Where the vent allows your phone to mount on the dashboard of the car. The magnetic strip should be placed on the back panel of the smartphone which would make the phone attach to the vent automatically.

As the device is software enabled, it will instantly launch the Android application as soon as the phone is mounted. You can now control the phone by your gestures and voice while driving. The device gives the user various options like text-to-speech and speech to text.

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Users can make/receive calls simply by giving vocal commands & can share their current location without touching the phone. The receiver doesn’t require installing this app for receiving the data.

Zerotouch also works with third-party like Spotify, Google Maps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. The current Bluetooth enabled device works with Android phones only and the company is looking forward to developing the same for the IOS users.It is available in three different colours.

SELFIE DRONE Hover Camera  by Zero Zero Robotics

Logitech had paired up with Auto mobile Association of America for making this smart device into reality. During a press release Darrell, Logitech president and CEO, said that “As we look for ways to design products that are thoughtful solutions to human needs, we realised there was an opportunity to turn any car into a connected car.”

The colourful smart device from Logitech is extremely compact and can be carried easily. It comes in two different modes, the Air vent mount costing $60 and the other a dashboard coming for $80.Currently launched & available in Germany soon its sale would extend to all the parts of the world.

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac and Windows

Good news for Mac and Windows users as Social networking application WhatsApp had launched its desktop client. It will be available for download at the official website of the company. The Facebook-owned Application is extending its base at a good pace by releasing continuous updates.

Last year it had launched the voice call feature which received a positive response from all the users around the globe. There are speculations that the instant messaging service would be starting the video calling option and testing the same on the beta version of iPhone.

WhatsApp comes closer to Video-call Update

WhatsApp announced that their active users’ number rocketed from 700 million to 1 billion within one year. The messaging service also introduced end-to-end encryption which would secure the data exchanged between the users. No third party application, even WhatsApp can’t access or track the data such as messages, calls, videos and images.

Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp, opined that “building secure products makes for a safer world.”The inclusion of this security feature is also tempting others and it can be a huge selling point for the service.

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The new desktop App would be featuring new options including all the current characteristics of the mobile client. For Mac users, it can be the best substitute to message for communicating with users of other platforms. Even though OS X is providing a text message forwarding service for communication with non-I Message users but a centralized service would be a better option.

The instant messaging service mobile version is available for IOS, Android and Windows users. The new web client of WhatsApp is available for both Mac’s OS X and Windows at the official website. After downloading the client on your desktop platform, synchronize it with the mobile app by the scanning the QR code on the desktop. This will enable the user to use the social networking application from the PC itself.

WhatsApp comes closer to Video-call Update

WhatsApp had become a part of every individual using a smartphone. The free social networking mobile application had millions of users around the world. It is continuously updating with useful features suiting the users need. There is a buzz in the tech industry that the social networking app would soon unveil major features like Call back, Video Calling, Zip sharing. It is also said that the new update may also include the usage of QR & NFC codes for inviting people into their WhatsApp groups.

With the advent of voice calling option, the largest Multiplatform chat application sets a fierce competition for the Network providers resulting in the Debate of Net neutrality. The future Video calling option may challenge already existing video call applications like Skype and IMO.

$5.38B revenue Facebook Q1 2016 report crossed 1.65 Billion users

The recent rumours say that presently the Video calling option is running in the beta version of IOS, which is undergoing testing with limited users. The rumours are strengthened because some Screenshots of the same were leaked and are in speculation but no official confirmation is available.

Another feature called Call back would also be available soon. This Option allows the user to call back friends with a single tap of the button without opening the app. Sharing of Zip Files & invitation to WhatsApp groups through QR codes may boost the usage of the application across IOS and Android users.

The new changes in Instagram brought panic to its users

The Social Networking application had officially rolled out an update for all its users. The latest update includes various new features which would make it, even more, users friendly. The newer version of the Facebook-owned application enables users to make a reply to the messages right from the notification itself.

A quick camera button present on the chats allows users to take picture or video from the mobile. Just by selecting and holding the conversation gives user new options like Quick Delete, Archive, or Mute multiple chats at a time.


The new version of WhatsApp includes rich text formats like bold, italics and strikethrough the text. For a bold, Italic and strike through just enclose the text simply with’ * ’ , ’_’ , and ‘~’ respectively.

The mobile application had also given the settings screen a new look and option of selecting a solid colour as chat wallpaper.

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