new changes in Instagram

Not long time ago, Instagram – the gigantic online platform for sharing images, announced the new changes in the algorithm for video and image content.
Social media became nervous about this news. Many celebrities, who have thousands of followers afraid to lost their audience. They have already asked fans to leave notifications turned on.
However, there is no need to worry. At least, that is what Instagram’ speaker says.
According to them, the company decided to change their algorithm of work just because the numerous audiences gathered so much visual content there, that older images are usually forgotten. Among these photos, there can be very precious memories to our hearts. The statistics declare that in average, 70% of old content is forgotten.
The new algorithm is still testing. Before it will be presented to users it will have to pass a lot of demanding tests.
The post in the Instagram’s post says that they have to spend months to create a new algorithm. The testing group already began its work. After the work will be complete, users will know from the official message.
We don’t know for how long Instagram Company will make tests. Popular users are already asking followers do not turn off the notifications to receive the visibility.
We honestly do not know how the new Instagram updates will work, when it will be official. Many of devoted to Instagram users already think that changes will bring new problems.
The biggest problem can appear for popular brands that place many photos of their goods as an advertisement. If they will lose massive audience after the new policy of Instagram, they will be really disappointed.
We can advise one thing – stay calm and don’t panic till you don’t know if the problem is real or it is just the fake. Stay tuned and you will hear more news soon.


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