Robot to sit for china's entrance exam

Yes, a Chinese Robot is getting ready to write China’s National College entrance exam(gaokao) in 2017 to enter the first-class universities in China. The Robot is trying its best to get qualifying mark to get admission to Peking University and Tsinghua University in 2020. The robot is being designed to attend this examination in competition with 12th grade students in the entrance exam. An analogue robot in Japan is looking at Tokyo University 2021.

The Examination includes three parts namely math, Chinese and comprehensive test of liberal arts. According to Lin Hui, CEO of an artificial intelligence company in Chengdu said that liberal arts include history, politics and geography. This Chinese company Zhun Xing Yun Xue Technology Co., Ltd, won bid  for the artificial intelligence program on robot’s math test in the year 2015 form the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Usually 30 students are allowed to sit in one room for this examination, but the robot has to take the entrance test in a closed room with an invigilator and a notary. Like its co-human peers, the robot has to finish its test within the stipulated time and it will be entirely disconnected from internet. The robot will solve the problems with its AI program.

A printer will be connected to the robot before every examination and the electronic examination paper will be inserted into the robots program just before the examination. So, the printer will give the final answer from the robot. Well, Chinese and liberal arts papers might be a challenging task to the robot, as these parts do not have specific  objective type questions and exact answers like maths. Subjective questions such as the reading comprehension and essay-writing are seen in Chinese and liberal arts papers.


The robot writing technique nowadays has been increasingly mature. With key information words, a robot can write an economic news report following the widely-accepted writing mode in Silicon Valley, while nobody could tell it was written by a robot, Lin said. So, with this point he says that a robot can analyse a topic in writing session and compete writing. However the written script may be a emotionless piece which hardly effects the grade.


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