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Xiaomi Smartwatch to be wrapped off in this year

Since a year, there is a buzz in the tech market about the Chinese company Xiaomi, launching a smart watch. None of the Company’s officials hadn’t spoken about these rumours and no Information about the price or launch date has been available.

Another leak is that the firm is going to unveil the smart watch with Note 2 Pro and Mi Pad 2 in November 2015, which didn’t happen to be true. So there is a confusion striking in everybody’s mind about the existence of such product from the company or its a fake news speculated.

Putting an end to all these doubts, Mr Liu De, co-founder & vice president of Xiaomi had stated that the company had been working on a new smart wearable. He also predicted that it will be wrapped off in the second half of the year 2016. No other information about the official price, release date and specifications are known at the moment.

Xiaomi’s Massive Screen Mi Max unwrapped along with MIUI 8 Firmware

As per the earlier leaks, it is known that the body of the smart watch comes with a brushed metallic design and would also be featuring a circular dial. The leaks also suggest the new smart watch is coming with a pulse wave velocity identification feature, system for biometric identity confirmation.

Information about its working platform whether it works on Android or own operating system is not disclosed.

After the official confirmation about the existence of the new product, it is clear that the firm is working seriously on the smart watch and it would give a tough competition to the existing top wearable like Apple watch, Pebble and Moto 360.

The company is organising an event to launch its Phablet Xiaomi Mi Max, MI UI 8 and MI Band 2 as stated earlier. As MI Band 1 had been a huge success and the second version was on a desire to replicate the same. It is reportedly known that the latest Band would be seen with a heart rate sensor and resistant to water.

 Xiaomi Mi Bunny kids Smart watch Released! Children’s bodyguard 

Xiaomi Mitu, kid’s smart watch shows the company’s strong zeal to lead the smart wearable industry. The main feature of this watch is that enables a new way for parents to connect with their kids.

If you are looking for a new smart watch, Xiaomi might be a good option. So wait for a little time to get the new Xiaomi Smart watch which would be available soon.

Xiaomi Mi5, Redmi Note 3 open sale without registration on 27 April 

China’s Bendable Smartphone from Moxi Group plans to release at year end

China developed a touchscreen smartphone that won’t break when you bend it and twist it. The Chinese company named Moxi group has developed a smartphone and going to unveil soon. This smartphone is unique and it can bend all the way and you can place around your wrist.

This smartphone can be worn like a watch or a bracelet. The company has reported, the smartphone still works and functions when it is stretched flat which is similar to other smartphones. This smartphone is an impressive and next step in the innovation of the smartphones, no other companies haven’t arrived in the market with the fully bendable smartphones.

Samsung’s Smartwatch With Skin Touch Projector On Your Hand

This smartphone is high in the quality segment and light in weight. Apart from these, this is transparent and flexible. To produce the screens the company used the thinnest material in the world called graphene.  Initially, Moxi group proposes to release only the smartphones with black and white displays. But the company is directing to release the full-colour version display. This is the challenging to make by the year 2018. As per the sales and demand, the international marketing will be decided.

Moxi group already prepared the prototype of this smartphone and getting the plans to hit the China market with 100,000 units for sale by this year end.

Pebble Time Steel: A Delight Smartwatch With Right Measure of Smartness

Reports mentioned by the Nicole Peng, Analyst at the tech research firm canalys, “Already the tech giant companies like Samsung and LG have also been working on flexible touchscreens and developing the devices using the same material graphene”. As you all know Samsung launched Flex smartphones earlier. These smartphones are in curved shape. When they try to bend little, no changes had happened and Moxi group confirms that nowhere near as much as our phone works.

The price of this bendable smartphone will be around $765 (5000 Yuan). The Moxi Group officially update the announcement on the release of this smartphone soon.

Pebble Time Steel: A Delight Smartwatch With Right Measure of Smartness

Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Classic was the best affordable, simple smartwatch. But it’s been the World’s first best smart watch which gave few features like quick numbers and notifications on watch. Pebble Time Steel Watch is an American smartwatch developed by the Pebble Technology Corporation. Pebble Technology released its second generation smartwatch Time in 2015 with a colour e-paper display, microphone and updated design. The company’s top of the range new Pebble Time steel smartwatch adds more features but without overwhelming the user with data and apps.

Bentley’s SUV can be controlled by an Apple Watch

The new Pebble Time steel is water resistant up to 30 m and it is priced at $149. Besides colour display and fitness tracking, Pebble time steel has an extended battery life of at least seven days on its top version. The time steel is available in three colours- black, silver and Gold with matching straps. The one which is launched for review was gold in colour with 22 mm opera red leather strap. The Pebble app on the phone controls watch faces, other apps and animations.

Huawei’s New Honor Band A1 Challenges Mi Family Unit

The Pebble Time steel measures 47 mm by 37.5 mm with rounded edges. Besides fitness tracking Pebble tracks sleep, which is integrated natively to the smartphone through Apple Health and Google Fit apps. On the smart watch, one can keep a track of steps but it does not show up the total distance covered.

The sleek and sophisticated Pebble smart watch look classy with one button on the left and three buttons on the right which help only to scroll down the calendar and to the middle button is used to enter apps. It has 1.25-inch full e-paper display with a Gorilla Glass which guards the dial screen against scratches. The Pebble Time steel battery life extends up to seven days with single charging.  The added feature is Voice notes which is pretty useful. The Pebble app can be replaced with other third-party apps that sync to the smartphone. The software allows the user to install and run some apps on the watch like Uber, Runkeeper, ESPN, etc.

Latest Technology makes your Skin a Touchscreen for Smartwatches

Most of us do not use all the features available on the smart watches. So, the Pebble Time steel is the perfect watch for one who look for the basic smartness with a reasonable price tag.

Bentley’s SUV can be controlled by an Apple Watch

Bentley known for the World class luxury cars had announced that they had designed a new Apple smartwatch app for its new SUV named Bentayga. The app would enable the users to control the vehicle with the watch itself. To allow this application in the Apple watch should be synchronized with the touch screen remote system(TSR) inside the car.

The new technology would enable passengers even sitting in the back seat to adjust and control settings of the temperature inside, positions of the seats and entertainment systems without touching them. Weather report outside the car can also be known via the smartwatch application.

Audi Q3 Intelligent Mobility Concept long board scooter in its bumper

Bentley Bentayga is powered by Volkswagen W12 engine with all-wheel drive features. The four-seated SUV comes up with five doors. It is the first car from Bentley having a Twin-turbo W12 engine. The efficient torque with 8-speed transmission which enables the car to run seamlessly & the maximum speed of the car 187 mph.

The application works on Bluetooth connection by which users can monitor the speed, distance travelled by the SUV. The passengers can also adjust the massage functions of the seat and control audio system in the car consisting of 22 speakers by using the app on the wrist itself.

Latest Technology makes your Skin a Touchscreen for Smartwatches

Dan Whittaker, Director of Electrical and Electronics at Bentley stated that “The Bentayga is technologically advanced and combines this with luxury in a way only Bentley can achieve.”

He also added “This new Apple Watch connectivity is another example of how we are constantly innovating to enhance the customer experience. The technology, which uses bespoke digital architecture, enables those being driven in the Bentayga to remotely control the on-board climate and entertainment systems; adjust the heating, ventilation and massage functions of their seats; and monitor real-time information, such as vehicle speed, distance travelled and outside temperature.”


The 600hp powered super-premium car from Bentley comes up with a whopping price of $230,000.

Latest Technology makes your Skin a Touchscreen for Smartwatches

A Smartwatch serves aspects of both technology and fashion. So the craze for the smart wearable is increasing. Recently Future Interfaces Group of Carnegie Mello University had developed a modern technology where our skin can be used as touch control. Terming the new technology as Skin Track system which has a signal emitting ring and a sensing wristband.

LE Sivrac Smart Bicycle with Android, Quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM

The wristband consists of four pair of electrodes which comes under the screen of the watch and the ring on the finger emits continuous high-frequency A/C signals whenever in contact with the arm. The electrodes in the band utilise these signals for tracking the finger movements. Out of the two pairs, one pair of electrodes is used to monitor X-axis movement and another one to find the Y-axis position.

It turns your hand to a touchpad, which is an extension of the touchscreen of the device.

World’s First touch enabled programmable T-Shirt with water-proof by Indian Start-up

It comes very handily for giving commands because at times the tiny screen can be tough to use. It allows a larger area to interact with the smart watch. The technology used makes it so simple to the user to control the device with little movements by the finger.

We can dial a phone number, play music, selecting apps/items, and play games like angry birds or fruit ninja. The developers of the technology had opined that the touch sensitivity is 99% accurate and would give more comfort than the regular touch screens.

Drawing letters such as “N” for opening news app, “S” to silence a phone and “A” for address book.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Released! Price ¥299! :children’s Bodyguard

The tracking system works even when the skin is covered with clothing. The new technology supports multiple interaction modalities and gestures which can be multi-directional. Different functionalities are assigned to each gesture such as swiping right is for selecting, swiping left for creating shortcuts, etc. It is very compact, low-cost & consumes less power.

The technology developed is not the first of its kind but the most stylish of all the others. The makers are looking to indulge this new tech into future smart watches which would make it more user-friendly and exciting.

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