audi-q3 connected-mobility

The usage of vehicles for travelling & Transportation has numerous benefits. On the other hand, the increased usage of the vehicles causing many issues. Some of them are heavy traffic problems and different pollution problems. Permanent solutions for complete eradication of these challenges can’t be made. Instead reducing them can be done using some ideas.

One of the leading auto mobile manufacturers AUDI comes up with a smart idea called Dual Mode Transportation. The company had unveiled its new car Audi Q3 at Beijing’s auto show which is integrated with new mobility concept connected to a Smartphone and an electrically driven skateboard.

The car is linked to the Smartphone via Audi MMI app. Once mapped with the application and synchronized the smart device will have details of the location of the car. The app connects with real-time traffic data and suggests the best route for fast travelling and the mode of travel suiting the conditions.

The long board scooter which is folded and stored on the backside bumper of the car. In heavy traffic conditions, the longboard comes very handy to use and avoid traffic jams. The smartphone also suggests a better parking spot for the car within the adjacent location. So that the user can park the car, scoot the way to reach his destination. The electrically folded scooter can mount a Smartphone on its handles to suggest the best route and directions for accurate and timely travelling.

The electric board once charged can travel up to 7.4 miles with a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour. The compact scooter lengths about 1.05 meters and made of carbon/aluminium.  Working on the electricity the folded bike is environment-friendly. The drawer at the rear bumper in which the long board scooter is kept serves as the charging point.

It is very easy to fold and unfold the bike with its handlebars. The uniquely engineered piece can be used in three different ways. Regular usage like a long board can be transformed into a scooter with stretching its handlebars and it can be used as luggage carrier which can carry items like groceries and bags. It will follow you by tracking with a smartphone or smart watch which is wirelessly connected to it.

Audi’s new idea shows how the future’s mobility partially, but it would develop more for sure. In the future, you will be driven by your car & you will be sharing it as part of a monthly subscription.


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