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Google Reveals Unpatched Windows Bug that Hackers are Exploiting

In October Google revealed about undiscovered flash and windows vulnerabilities. The problem with Adobe has got settle, but Windows vulnerability remains same.

After revelation Adobe and Microsoft has solved this problem with the help of Tech Titan on October 21st. Adobe has announced Flash update on October 26th but Microsoft still now didn’t announce platform for this update. Whereas coming to windows, unpatched Windows flaw is being actively exploited.

Microsoft opens CSEC to tighten Data Security in India

Google has given description Windows flaws as follows

“The Windows vulnerability is a local privilege growth in the Windows kernel; it can be used as a security sandbox escape. It can be triggered by the win32k.Sys system call NtSetWindowLongPtr() for the index GWLP_ID on a window handle with GWL_STYLE set to WS_CHILD. This Chrome’s sandbox blocks win32k.Sys system calls by using the Win32k lockdown mitigation on Windows 10, which prevents exploitation of this sandbox escape vulnerability”.

It is easy is to fix the problem in a flash than in operating system. Seven days might not be sufficient for the Microsoft to address the problem. The period is too short for the vendors to update their products. One of the speaker said this issue puts customers at risk. “We all believed in the vulnerabilities revealed, but this issue puts customers at risk. Windows are the only way to communicate with the customer to investigate the security issues”. They recommend Windows 10 and Microsoft edge browser for best protection.

Security Breach Put Millions of Indian Debit Card Holders in Trouble

To stop the hackers exploiting Google has announced these vulnerabilities. Microsoft gives the explanation on this issue that “Flash bug is needed for hackers to exploit the windows, so we update the flash player”. So people make sure to update your flash player. In meanwhile, Microsoft will release patched windows version.

Password sent via Human body is Safer than Air

Research and development is a continuous process. As a part of the research, many technology advancements have come into reality. Data security is the most priority for all. Hackers are also in a continuous process to breach the security levels. The fight between security and its breaching is making the conflict very challenging for both in their own ways.

A team of researchers at University of Washington (UW) in the US has developed a new technology which can transmit the passwords through human body between the devices. The research team also includes some Indians. Shyam Gollakota is the assistant professor for the project.

Till date Fingerprint sensors and other input devices were used to transmit the data through most secured ways. The mobile devices, Laptops and other input devices and scanners save the passwords in a digital manner.

Dashlane Will Work With Google to Enhance and Simplify Your Password Security

The data is normally saved in the form of passwords, and when needed it is revealed through the air. The medium of data transfers is normally through WiFi or Bluetooth technologies. But there is always a chance of data security breach. To overcome such chances the latest innovation has used the human body as the safest method of data transmission.

For example, a digitally locked door should be opened. The password is stored for opening in the mobile with a fingerprint scanner. Then for opening the locked door, the mobile is used to open. Just touch the door that is to be opened and on the other hand hold the mobile and place the finger on the fingerprint scanner. The password will be transmitted through the body from the mobile to the door, and the password will open the door.

Google’s Plan to Outnumber Traditional Passwords by 2017 using “Trust API”

This is how the body of a human acts. The experiment is conducted on various devices. Almost 10 different subjects were tested the rate of success. 50 bits/sec on laptop touchpads and 25 bits/sec with fingerprint sensors is the time taken as per the results of the conducted experiments. This time is the traveling time through the human body from the device to the receiver.

WhatsApp Testing On 6 Digit Passcodes to Secure Messages


Whatsapp Predicted to Launch Six-Digit Passcode

More than 1 billion users all over 180 countries use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family at anytime, anywhere. A smartphone without the messenger app is like a body without a soul. Nowadays the instant messaging service is rolling out many updates.

The new forecasted Whatsapp feature is to create a six-digit passcode to protect your chats. This security feature is ready to roll out soon to all the Whatsapp users. It believes that the company is working on testing this feature for creating additional security to the chats apart from end-to-end encryption.

Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whats App Launched : Check out the Features

Rumours heard that Android Authority has tipped for working on this security feature. This feature purported six-digit passcode protection. The information is spotted when in Whatsapp translation requests where the company sends to the volunteers to work on ‘ add passcode protection .’

The conversation are the text strings that sent to company asking to translate the UI and other text. Several translated from English to Dutch phrases reported include “ Enter the six-digit passcode,” “ Passcodes don’t match. Try again. ” and “ Enter a recovery email address.”

These translated phrases indicate that very soon the users may get six-digit passcode feature with an alternative option with mail recovery option if at all passcode is missed or not remembered.

Whats App Mentions are Live with 2.16.272 Beta Version, Video Calling Coming Soon

It is strange when considering the e-mail for recovery to lock users accounts. It is also doubted that whether Whatsapp would keep six-digit feature as compulsory or optional.

Whatsapp recently had released many features like end-to-end encryption, Mentions, Speak, Front flash, Scribble, Emojis, two step verification and many other features. This all has been improved features since Facebook had acquired Whatsapp in October 2014.

Comparing with the past all the leaked information, predictions, suggestions, speculations has come live to the users. This is also expected to roll out soon and is a fine feature for the users.

Google’s Blacklist Service to Deliver Details for Compromised Website Owners

Google announced new changes to its search engine for safe browsing alerts which inform about the security related problems to users. Google’s blacklist service allows users to report doubtful sites which are blocked in browsers earlier which implement safe browsing API such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Safe browsing is a red alert page what a user see every day while navigating to a website which hosts explicit content.

This service from Google provides essential URL for web resources which contains malware or fraud content. It is estimated that nearly 600 million users make use of this device indirectly or directly. There is a different side of Safe Browsing warnings where most of the users are unaware of, and that’s the alert’s site owners receive when a website is noted as malicious.

Dropbox and Google Formed an Alliance to Integrate their Products 

There are many websites hacked which belong to legitimate businesses who want their websites returned to regular Google search results and to be removed from the Safe Browsing blacklist and  While malicious websites hosted by crooks, don’t care about these warnings.

Safe browsing Console expanded its Security issues report. Now, Websites owners will be now provided with more detailed and context explanations about security concern which includes deceptive pages, suspicious presence and malware.

“These explanations give webmasters more contexts and detail about what Safe Browsing found, and We also offer tailored recommendations for each type of issue, including sample URLs that webmasters can check to identify the source of the issue, as well as specific remediation actions webmasters can take to resolve the issue.” Says, Google Safe Browsing Team in a blogpost.

Google Launches Shop the Look to Let You Search Through Outfit Design

This Safe browsing technology advises the websites owners about the alternate course of action when a problem arises. These new features will help sites to retain maximum safety for the visitors and fight with hackers as well.

US Students Developed Security Protocol Which Can Save The Smart Cars Hack

The student research team in the United States has developed a security protocol for protecting from the cyber-attacks where the smart cars are connected with the GPS, Bluetooth and internet connections.

In the year 2015 two researchers remotely hacked a Jeep Cherokee and got the control on everything from the car’s radio and media consoles to the car’s steering and brakes.

Shucheng Yu, who is the Associate Professor of Computer Science Department at University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) says “These cars have become the trend of the future. There could be some very severe consequences if someone hacked into the car. A car can be fully controlled by the hacker if it is not protected.”

Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies team up against Anti-Robocall Strike Force

Yu and his student Zachary King who is junior majoring in computer science at the UALR has developed a security protocol to protect the smart cars from hacking in the project called “Investigating and Securing Communications in the Controller Area Network (CAN)”.

Zachary King built an experimental environment which can simulate the communication system in a smart car and allows the security protocol to be tested through simulations.  “There are many ways that hackers can control CAN,” and he added in a statement.

Airbus Is Planning To Launch Innovative Flying Air Taxis

King says, “Once they access it, hackers can pretty easily control your car however they want. We are proposing to add a layer of security, so if an unauthorised person accesses it, they still would not be able to control your vehicle.”

The participants were honoured in the month of July during the commencement ceremony at the UALR Engineering and Information Technology Building.

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