Resulting urbanization, traffic problems are being increased across the globe. European multinational aerospace and Defence Corporation, Airbus group is planning to launch innovative flying air taxis.

The idea behind the launch is to solve traffic blockage in congested cities. The company is mocking up many solutions. It is developing a single passenger flying vehicle and another concept for multiple passengers ?CityAirbus.’

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It is expected that the vehicles would be battery powered and summoned by smartphones. This system of flying air taxis travels along urban aerial roadways. The single passenger vehicles will be the first of these and headed by Airbus’s Silicon Valley outpost, A3.

It is anticipated that the flying vehicle could make its debut by the end of 2017, as the design is already agreed. The creation for the City Airbus is left to Airbus Helicopters and offers a glance of future taxis.

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It’s been planned to be a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle powered by large propellers and electricity. This could be fully autonomous including picking and dropping people at the desired destinations and is proved successful with a pilot.

“The market will develop quickly, once we can deploy the first vehicles in megacities and [to] demonstrate the benefits of quiet, emission-free air transport at competitive prices.” Says, Jorg Muller, a member of Airbus Group’s corporate development department.


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