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Rcom Introduced New Tariff Plan Rs 149 in Andhra Pradesh likely to Jio

Rcom Introduced New Tariff Plan Rs 149 in Andhra Pradesh

Reliance communications (Rcom) has recently launched the new special tariff plan for their 4G users in Andhra Pradesh, India. As you all knew 4G network services provided by Reliance Jio is unimaginable. It changed the phase of Internet data services and Voice callings in the market. The latest plans are released by the company which is alarming other telecom providers.

The company has released the new plan with the denomination of Rs 149 which is valid for 28 days. With this plan, the company offers the benefits like unlimited calling to any local or STD mobile and landline numbers without any cap similar to the Reliance Jio announcement.

Reliance Communications (Rcom) Announces Unlimited on-net and 1000 mins off-net Calling for Rs 153

This plan also offers the free incoming calls when the user is in roaming and 300 MB 4G data also offered which is cherry on the cake. This plan from Rcom is just similar to the basic level plan announced by Mukesh Ambani for Jio. The main difference you can find between these plans are SMS, Jio offers free 100 SMS, which is not included in Rcom Plan. There are no free outgoing calls while in the national roaming unlike Jio.

Rcom is looking for increasing the user base and the revenue which is the key reason behind this offer. The major drawback with the Jio is, in order to enjoy the free voice offerings; the user must upgrade his handset for the VoLTE support. The basic handset required to use the 4G services is starting from Rs.3000 which is low end model. Later Mukesh Ambani has launched the plans for VoLTE and the capable feature phone from Rs.999.

The new plans launched by the same tariff plan similar to Jio will give the great influence over the existing 2G and 3G networks. This will help the user to save the subscriber spends on voice services can go with the device upgrade.

RCOM Launches Welcome Offer for New Subscribers

New Rcom Pack 149 Tariff Details

Plan                     : Local Onnet Unlimited Pack 149

Validity               : 1 month

Offer                   : Unlimited Local Onnet Calls Free

How to Activate: SMS Act Loc149 to 53733



Reliance Communications (Rcom) Announces Unlimited on-net and 1000 mins off-net Calling for Rs 153

Reliance Offers unlimited on-net calls and 1000 mins off-net calls at Rs 153

Reliance Communications has begun the process of merging their wireless operations with Aircel and MTS and is offering unlimited voice calls on their network for a low price of Rs 153. Earlier, the Anil Ambani-led group had offered unlimited calling benefits, and this time they came up with similar benefits at a very cheap rate to reduce subscriber churn rate.

Jio’s lead continues and the majority of people are moving on to Jio service to grab the unlimited voice calling benefits. This Mukesh Ambani-led group’s competitive debut had become a nightmare for telecom provider’s with unmatchable offers.

Unlike Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications isn’t offering truly unlimited voice call to any other networks. The telecom announced unlimited on net calls in the country along with 1000 Minutes to any other networks in India for 28 days at Rs 153.

This offer could be a value for money as the majority of subscribers make use of 250 to 350 minutes on an average. However, the offer is limited to few customers of circles like Delhi, Kolkata, and Tamilnadu as of now. Bur it is believed that the company will extend such offers in coming weeks for attracting old customers.

RCom’s Unlimited Voice Offer:

  • Unlimited on-net calls throughout the country
  • 1000 local and STD minutes to any other network
  • All these benefits for just Rs 153 for 28 days.

Jio’s announcement of unlimited calls made a way to slashing rates by other telecoms like Airtel and Vodafone. RCom started losing its user base as the majority of its customers are voice users and are spending much on STD calls.

Bad handling of customer services and shutting down CDMA services led to the loss of millions of customers. The launch of Gold 4G failed to retain old customers as speeds are relatively much lower while the prices are much higher. Hopefully, this ‘Sabse Sasta’ offering may help the company before they complete the merger with Aircel and MTS.

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea fined upto Rs.3,050 crores by TRAI

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea fined upto Rs.3,050 crores by TRAI

Reliance to expand its space in the market has announced Jio with a bundle of offers. Though they are very much pretty offers for the customer and the RCOM, they have became heavy to bear for other service providers in India.

Jio offers 4G Data calling named as “VoLTE”. It is offered for free to any network. Here lies the main problem. For providing this service between the different networks sufficient Points-of-Interconnection (PoI) should be set up. This is a huge investment based program for the other telecom operators. Hence, they did not do so.

The lack of PoI has made the VoLTE calling a failure for Reliance Jio. When a Reliance caller makes a Data call, the customer is facing either low quality or call drops problem.

RCom Launches MoviNet Plan for Prepaid and Postpaid Users

In this regard, RCOM has complained against Bharati AirTel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular for deliberately neglecting the set up of PoIs, to India’s telecom regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

On hearing the arguments from all the providers, TRAI decided to recommend Department of Telecommunication (DOT) to levy a penalty of approximately Rs. 3,050 crore for AirTel, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular. This amount is a combined total for all the three.

AirTel and Vodafone has been penalized in about 21 circles of telecom services provided. AirTel has to pay 50 crores per circle which comes to Rs.1,050 crores. The same is the case with the Vodafone case. Idea cellular has been penalized in 19 circles. It amounted to Rs.950 crores.

C-Dot WiFi Technology Gets a Nod from Indian Railways

This is officially conveyed to the respective service providers in writing. The letter issued by TRAI also stated that though there is a law to cancel the licenses, keeping in view of customer’s inconvenience, only penalty have been levied.

Reliance Communications Roll Out Unlimited Voice Calling for Andhra Pradesh Circle

Reliance Communications Launches Rs 149 Unlimited Voice Calls, 300MB Data Plan

Anil Ambani-led Reliance Communications, making its move in the tariff war which started ever since the launch of Jio operations. The free voice calls for life offering from Jio which is in all its bundled plans had serious allegations on all existing mobile operators who have been forced to cut down tariffs to remain the presence in the market.

In the recent past, BSNL has announced their own plans of free calling starts from January 2017.  As per the observations, that the Reliance recent acquisition, Aircel is also following the game plan with the recent announcement of free calling voucher in UP East circle.

          Jio Effect Vodafone 4G Data Postpaid Tariffs Slashed

Image Source: telecomtalk

It seems the Reliance Communications has also entered the ring and declared a Nonstop calling plan. At a price point of Rs.153, Rcom has made this plan available to the subscribers in Andhra Pradesh.

Details of the Non-stop plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited calls to any STD or local reliance number.
  • Off-net calls of 1000 minutes for local/STD mobiles or landlines.
  • Valid for 28 days

Above mentioned details have shared by reliance distributors in Telangana. Rcom is planning to extend the plan on a pan India basis to withstand in its position in voice segment. Subscribers in AP circle can check the offer by dialing *129# from their mobiles.

Reliance Communications: App to App calling at Rs 1, Daily 10 Minutes/ 7MB Credit

App to App Calling RCOM

Reliance Communications (RCom) has launched the new plan ‘Call Drops Se Chutkara’ offer which means “relief from the call drops.” RCom will offer 300 minutes of app to app calling for Re 1 for their users with the 4G LTE services. This pack is a type which becomes increasing its popularity but goes against the basic principles of net neutrality where there must be no discrimination against pricing based on the type of the applications.

Ambani to announce the Commercial launch of Reliance Jio 4G on Thursday

Currently, this offer is only for Reliance 4G LTE users in the circle of Delhi-NCR. Under this offer, the user can able to use any voice calling applications like WhatsApp, Skype, IMO, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. The company is promoting with a great hype like the users get HD voice quality and instant connections. Although the final result about quality and connection depends on apps being used.

Now You Can Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer 4G SIM Card for Free With Partner Offer Smartphones

Coming to more details about this plan Rcom mentioned in an email statement that, Rs 1 offer of 300 Minutes of app to app calling split into 30 days, which means each day 10 minutes offered for a month. The company stated that telecom operator would get 7MB each day credit in their accounts which will translate to the 10 Minutes of HD voice calls for a day.

The users have to notice that the remaining data from the 7MB data credit will not be carry forwarded to the next day, but instead, it will be lost.  The company also mentioned that, if the customer uses the daily data credit for the internet use rather than the app-to-app calling, minutes will be reduced respectively.

Get Jio 4G Sim for Free:step by step procedure

Gurdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Business, Reliance Communications says  “We have always had a strong emotional connect with Delhi-NCR and the people here, and are excited to redefine the voice calling with our ‘Call Drops Se Chhutkara’ offer, providing app to app talking and complete freedom from call drops. Using the Reliance 4G LTE network, customers will experience High-Definition quality and instant connectivity, freedom from slow Internet access and blazing data speeds on the digital superhighway. Best of all, existing and new Reliance 4G LTE customers will switch to the new way of calling, and enjoy instant and crystal clear voice with great savings.”