Another fabulous product from Google which is making worth paying attention too is the recently rumoured ‘Google Wifi Smart Router’. The company has now confirmed, it will be hitting the US market at a price of $129 and it goes up for pre-order in the month of November.

The company is going to unveil the Google Wifi Router in the Google’s Hardware event today along with Pixel phones, Google Home hub, Chromecast Ultra and Daydream VR headset. Last year, Google introduced OnHub in partnership with TX-LINK and ASUS to create better Wifi experience focusing on designing and simplicity.

The specially designed Wifi router gives you fast signal in every room and to every device. Whether to watch live streaming, video calling, watching favourite series online all you need is reliable Wifi to stay connected. Google has brought exactly what you all are looking for.

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Most of us get Wifi home through a centralised router, but a single router to spread all the rooms is like expecting a single bulb to light all rooms. It may results in slow internet speed if you connect many devices to a single Wifi router.

Google Wifi was designed to support a lot of devices at the same time and stand up to high-bandwidth for streaming and gaming in every corner of the room. It is an expandable system, and for larger homes, you can simply add Wifi points. They connect to every Google Wifi points and spread a strong signal to every room.

Google Wifi Smart Router adopt Wifi mesh technology, through this, each Wifi point creates a high-powered connection. It also comes with Network Assist Technology which automatically places you on the clearest channel and optimal band for the device.

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If you roam around your house, Network Assist seamlessly transition your device between the Google Wifi points and gives you full-length Wifi signal and avoids dead spots or delays. Moving on, it works with a companion app which is available on Android and iOS devices.

This app lets you pause Wifi on Kid’s device and shows which devices are connected, how much bandwidth they used. It prioritises the devices within your network so that you can stream the latest episodes uninterrupted.

Google Wifi will be released for pre-order in November, and it will retail for $129 (approx Rs. 9000) for a single pack and $299 (approx Rs. 20000) for a three-pack at Google Store, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart. Probably it may release in India in the same month.

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You can also join the waitlist on Google Store, so that you can know when you will receive the product to enjoy fast Wifi signal in every corner of your home.


Connectivity Wireless

AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi, Expandable mesh Wi-Fi

Colour and material White, Lightweight, durable plastic
Security WPA2-PSK,  Automatic security updates
Memory 512 MB DDR3L , 4 GB eMMC flash
Processor Quad-core CPU, each core up to 710 MHz
Power 9 W consumed, 15 W power adaptor
Dimensions and weight 4.17 in diameter, 2.70 in Height, 340g Weight


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