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Opera Launches Native Ad-Blocking on Mobile Platforms

Another blow to the online ADs as leading Internet Browser Opera expands its ad-blocking tool to all mobile platforms. The company announced that their new feature would be available for Opera on IOS, Windows and Android.

This is the second step taken by the Browser enterprise to accomplish their mission of ad-free content to users, following the ad-blocker on Opera for computers last month.

Nuno Sitima, SVP Mobile Browsers, Opera stated that “Users are demanding ad blockers because of the better browsing experience it offers.”

He expressed that “Opera users can speed up their mobile surfing, skip extra data charges and stretch their internet packages even further by blocking in the browser intrusive and data-wasting ads and massive tracking.”

Opera’s ad-blocker -A Curse For Free Websites

The company claims that the intrusive ads increase the loading time of the browser which ultimately decreases the speed. The ad-blocker with its compression feature prevents the advertisements at the initial level thereby eradicating the loading issues. On an average, the new opera with ad-blocker for Android works 14 percent faster than Chrome. The average amount of data used by the Opera with Ad-blocker is 229Kb, which is 84% less than the standard browsers.

This act of Opera introducing the ad-blocker received a lot of criticism from many free websites. They also argued that they are providing users with a lot of useful information for free, and their primary source of revenue is coming from these Ads. They expressed their anguish by displaying a message on their homepage asking users to disable the ad blocker to access their websites.

Opera is the first browser to get inbuilt VPN

To turn on the ad-blocking feature in Android phones, users should Go to O menu, click on Settings > Data savings > Block ads.

For IOS platform users should Open Opera Mini on their iOS device, Click on the O menu, open the Data Savings Summary > Opera Turbo > Block ads.

To activate Ad-blocker, Windows mobiles users just tap on the O menu, then go to Settings > Block ads.

Hand-Free Mobiles are Dangerous for Motorist: Study

A new study at the University of Sussex reveals that conversations while driving can make the drivers visually imagine about what they are speaking. Scientists of the study show that during conversations, a part of the normal human brain is used which is usually used to look at the road. The study was published in the Transportation Research Journal.

The much known fact to us is that it is illegal in the UK and many countries to ride a motorcycle or drive using hand-held phones or similar devices.

As per the BBC report, Drivers would get an automatic fixed penalty notice if they caught using it. They will charge with three penalty points on their license and a fine of 100 pounds.
The law currently says drivers can use hands-free phones, satellite navigators, and two-way radios, but if the police think the driver is distracted and not in control of the vehicle, they could get penalized.

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The study involved 20 men and 40 women volunteers who took part in video tests while sitting in a car seat behind a steering wheel. One group of volunteers were allowed to “drive” undistracted while another two heard a male voice asking questions like, “Where did you leave the blue file?” from a loudspeaker 90 centimeters away.

Dr. Graham Hole, Who was Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sussex stated that “A popular misconception in using a mobile phone while driving is safe as long as the driver uses a hands-free phone. Our research shows this is not the case. Hands-free is equally distracting because conversations cause the driver to visually imagine what they’re talking. This visual imagery competes for processing resources with what the driver sees in front of them on the road.”

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“Our findings have implications for real-life mobile phone conversations. The person at the other end of the phone might ask “where did you leave the blue file?” which causing the driver to mentally search a remembered room. The driver may also simply imagine the facial expression of the person whom they’re talking to.

“Clearly this research isn’t a green light to use hand-held mobile phones while driving, however. The use of hand-held phones was made illegal because they interfere while controlling vehicle, but our study adds to a mounting body of research showing that both hands-free and hand-held phones are distracting the drivers. The only ‘safe’ phone in a car is one that’s switched off.

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“Conversations are more visual than we might expect, leading drivers to ignore parts of the outside world in favor of their inner ‘visual world’ — with concerning implications for road safety,” added Dr. Hole.

“However, chatty passengers tend to pose less of a risk than mobile phone conversations. They will usually moderate the conversation when road hazards arise. Someone on the other end of a phone is oblivious to the other demands on the driver and so keeps talking. And talking in person involves non-verbal cues which ease the flow of conversation. Phone conversations are more taxing because they lack these cues,” added Dr. Hole

In the second experiment, the researchers revealed that the distracted drivers suffered from “visual tunneling.” While the undistracted drivers ee movements ranged over a much wider area. Distracted participants could focus their eyes on a small region.

Review of Nextbit Robin designed by Android Pioneers

Have you ever felt bored with the routine Android smartphones? Then you must check out the Robin, designed and developed by Nextbit. Smartphones looking all the same in the functionality, but the Robin has come up with the unique way.

The Robin has arrived in India recently, and the device is exclusively available on Flipkart for the purchase. The price of the Nextbit Robin is Rs.19,999.00/- in the Indian market.

Nextbit Robin runs on the cloud storage and synchronises the unused or rarely used applications and other files into the cloud seamlessly. The users can back up the apps, photos and videos into the cloud and they can restore whenever needed/required. The Nextbit provides 100 GB online cloud storage which is free for the lifetime. Instead of worrying about the external SD cards this phone runs with the cloud storage.

Nextbit Robin is 5.2 inch with 1080p HD LCD display along Gorilla Glass 4. The device weighs 150 grams and 0.3 x 2.8 x 5.8 inches as the dimensions. The 3.5mm audio input is placed on the top of the device. Robin is available in two colours Mint and Midnight. The design and the build quality of the device are unique and more stylish in the hands.  The viewing angles of the display are completely good and best result in the display segment. The charging port which supports the Type-C and the LED notification indicator is present at the bottom of the device.

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The power button and the Fingerprint sensor are integrated with the same button. No more swiping and the passwords can be assigned to your device with one touch you can lock and unlock the device.  This phone comes with dual speakers on the top and bottom of the device. The volume rockers are placed in the perfect position on the left side of the phone.

The Nano sim tray is placed below the fingerprint sensor on the right. The buttons and the lock button management is perfectly done and convenient to access. The overall design of this phone looks cool and stylish.

The internal storage of the device comes with 32 Gigs along with the cloud storage of 100 GB for the lifetime and for the additional usage the user has to subscribe to the required plans. Snapdragon 808 is the processor that comes with the Robin, and the RAM is 3GB.

Storage problems can be overcome, because Robin analyses the run out of the storage one month earlier. With just one move you can download the data from the cloud which you had stored, and it’s very simple to understand that the data with the Robin is gone but not lost. The data which is stored on the Robin can be secured with the encryption options. So the data is more safe and private on this device.

The applications can be archived to the cloud, and the archived apps are shown like the dead applications with the light colour. With one touch the applications are downloaded and restored from the cloud. If you don’t want to remove or not interested to sync in the cloud, you just drag down the application and release, so that the application gets pinned and it will not be archived.

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The camera segment has a vital role in the Robin. The rear camera of the Robin comes with 13 MP with the phase detection autofocus, and the front facing camera is 5 MP which delivers the best selfies. The rear camera gives the best images and the depth of the image, the pixel quality is super fine. The images captured on the Robin are having several camera filters and options. Robin failed at capturing the photographs in the low-light conditions. It doesn’t support the 4K video recording which is the one of the big drawbacks in the camera segment.

The USB Type-C cable is given along with the device and it supports fast and quick charging, the non-removable battery with 2680 mAh which is less capacity when compared to other smartphones. The charging might lasts for the entire day with the moderate usage. The connectivity options like Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi are with the latest configurations. The Bluetooth comes with the 4.0 LE and even Robin also supports NFC, which helps in connecting the NFC supported devices.

The device boot up screen comes with the Robin by Nextbit, which is very cool with the nice theme. Robin runs the Nextbit OS, which is a smarter Android OS which enhances the user experience better.

The gaming performance is good on this phone since the processor, and the RAM is good. Playing the high-end games is giving the great experience with the LCD display.

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With the specifications given Robin are less when compared with the handsets available in this price range. But this phone has the uniqueness and with this, you will be smarter every day. No other phones are available with this style and coolness. The Cloud storage which is provided by the Nextbit is not so effective in India since the data has to synchronise with the cloud.

Is Apple Going To Reunite With Old Friend Samsung?

Apple iPhone is playing a prominent role in the world with its smartphones. With the every release of the iphone, Apple maintains the upgradations in the new model. Now rumors are on air that, Apple is going to reunite with his old friend Samsung. The next model from the Apple will get the OLED display, which will be supplied by Samsung. But this is not going happen for the Apple next model. Mostly for Apple iPhone 7S this improvement will work out, which is going to release in the year 2017.

Apple and Samsung have a complicated relationship. Currently, these companies are embroiled in a US Supreme Court case over whether Samsung violated patents Apple holds related to smartphone technology.

Apple May Move From OS X to MacOS

According to the report given by the Korea Herald, Apple had come close to Samsung for providing the OLED displays for their upcoming model in 2017. As per the Apple smartphone lineup, 2017 might go with Apple iPhone 7S. Before this model, Apple iPhone 7 will release in spite of it 7S is going to get the OLED Display Technology. There is a deal for 100 million units of OLED panels for 5.5-inch displays which worth $2.59 Billion. Samsung has to ship the units over next three years. We can expect the large screen iPhone in the next upgrade iPhone 7S Plus.

Samsung is going to build a new and dedicated production plant at Asan, South Chungcheong. To fulfill the Apple order, Samsung had come up with this new plan.

New Safari app from Apple

In the earlier, there were the rumors that Apple is going to get the 5.8-inch large display with the wraparound screen. But with the recent update, Apple has signed the deal for the 5.5 inch OLED display for their next model. With the OLED (Light-Emitting Diode) display technology the images look so crisp and render the right colors on the screen. The device also looks slimmer and eliminate the backlighting of traditional LCD. Some market researchers thought that flexibility of advanced panel was the main issue to grab the apple’s interest. As per the MacRumors, there might be likely to happen some negative aspects regarding the high production cost and the shorter lifespan.

Kuo’s report saying that future iPhones are going to have the entirely new form of design factor with narrow glass and cozy to hold the phone. In the recent times, OLED displays are getting familiar with other smartphone manufacturers like Microsoft, which make the Lumia smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 Review and Specifications

40% of the panels for the iPhone are provided by LG display. LG Display is going to face the huge revenue loss if Apple seeks the Samsung as the key supplier. The recent contract signed by the Samsung Display is 3 Trillion to supply the OLED displays to the Apple.

OnePlus 3 with Loop VR: Launch Unveils to grab the offer “VR Headsets at Free”

OnePlus 3 is getting you to experience in to get into the LOOP with visitors being able to order before anyone else does.

For the first time OnePlus 3 is going to make the Smartphone users crazy with Virtual Reality “LOOP”.

LE Sivrac Smart Bicycle with Android, Quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM

After Samsung, OnePlus 3 is getting ready to launch VR a headset for free at its third flagship is expected in a few weeks. Off course, plus two model also got a VR release. The Loop VR headset VR is from ANTVR, which bundled with Lenovo K4 Note.

So, finally, OnePlus 3 getting close to light the launch of its next flagship after OnePlus, the leaked pictures of OnePlus 3 VR loop on Twitter speaks that a limited number of VR Headsets will be available.

iPhone Users can Now Enjoy YouTube VR Videos with Google Cardboard

The Chinese Smartphone maker OnePlus 3 with “LOOP” VR will be available from 3rd June to 7th June for just Rs. 1. All the 5” and 6-inch Smartphones will be working on it if they have compatible sensors for the same.

Off course for U.S and Europe countries, the headset is given for free and for Indians, the user must register with Amazon India for sale is yet to be happening from June 3. Thus, over 30000 VR headsets will be given for just Rs. 1.

Limited Period Offer! Buy one  LG G5 from Verizon Wireless and Get another LG G5 FREE.

A brief intro about specs of OnePlus 3 is going to have the 5.5-inch display with full HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with AMOLED display and 3000 mAh battery. The specified change observed in the leaked picture depicts that the body of the phone might get arrive with the metal body which is similar to HTC likely.

OnePlus India General Manager said global marketers will witness the same experience as anywhere else.

TFL will soon update the necessary information if any changes occur.

Oneplus 3 killer Flagship is Back with 4GB and 6GB RAM variants

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