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China Cyberspace Administration Plans to Stop Playing Online Games at Midnight for Kids

Around 750 Millions of Internet users exist in China. Out of the mentioned figure, at least 23% constitute minors aged below 19 years. Internet addiction in China among the adults and minors is a growing concern for the country.

Shockingly, the Internet addiction in China is also leading to some of the criminal activities too. Recently, a 16-year old girl killed her mother as she could not tolerate the amount of torture that she went through in the rehabilitation center. These centers termed as Boot camps.

Meet ‘iPal Robot’ Which Can Monitor and Entertain Kids without Adult Supervision

Boot centers treatment compared to Army type training. Thes centers are so strict in making the people control from the addictions.

To combat the Internet addiction in China, Cyberspace Administration of China has introduced a new law which is under consideration. As per this upcoming law, the Kids and the youth will be restricted from accessing the Internet from midnight till 8.00 A.M in the morning. Once this rule comes into existence, the youth has to register them to play the Internet games.

There was a call for the game designers too. Gamers are proposed to design games in such a way that the software themselves detect the age of the user.

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There is a risk of encouraging Boot camps. There are reports that these camps practice some of the cruel methods of eradicating the addiction. Electric shocks and severe beatings are a common phenomenon in these Boot Camps.

Some of the lawyers have pointed out this, and this may increase on the other hand. Such practices should also kept in check. One more aspect that not consider under the following act is the mobile users. Almost every individual in China has a smartphone in their pockets. The Internet usage in mobiles cannot control under this law. This law can only be helpful in controlling the computer internet users.

Meet ‘iPal Robot’ Which Can Monitor and Entertain Kids without Adult Supervision

Humanoid Robots were out for supervision of children without adults. IPal is a robot which exhibited at this year’s ‘RoboBusiness’ event in San Jose, California. And treated iPal Robot as the largest robotics event all around the world.

iPal, created by a Chinese start-up company named as AvatarMind. A two-year-old company to look after the kids between the age group of 3-8 years without human supervision. The Robot equipped with Autonomous Learning Engine to remember the kid’s preferences and interests.

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It can update the kid’s photos and videos to parents, by which they can access on their smartphones. It can monitor time when the kid wakes up from sleep, watches whether the child washed his hands, etc..

This cute cartoon outlook iPal has wide eyes, working fingers with pastel trimming and crafted fine. IPal is about 3-foot tall body packed with 25 motors, sits on four wheels and has a 6-inch LCD touchscreen tablet on its chest and sound system of 3-watt.

This companion robot can sing, dance, read stories, talk, and entertain the kid with games like rock-paper-scissors.

iPal installed with many apps to educate the child with general knowledge. And also it can answer any question which the kid throws like “ why is the sun hot ?” with natural language understanding technology along with cloud apps. Kids can even learn Programming on it.

No wonder that iPal would be a best friend to the child at home. With the sensors it can feel touch, listens to speech and can detect the emotion of the child and responds to the happiness, loneliness, and depression and encourages kid when sad through “emotion management system.”

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Apart from the happy end, there are criticisms too. Some of the researchers from the University of Lisbon say that “there is a need for the kid to know and develop the human values, culture, social ethics and behavioral abilities to be accepted by the society.

Where these all lacks in the automated robot.” Well, that’s true for the researchers but, to the happy end, this iPal roll out is a tech-adoptable valuable creation for the kids.

iPal is now available in China to all by the end of the year and will appear in the US starting from next year.

Source: Avatarmind

Google Classroom App: Helps Parent To Monitor Their Kids Classwork

Google Classroom App is the company’s source which brings Google Applications that related to education together. This was designed hand in hand with the teachers for helping them to save time and maintain the classrooms organised. This also improves communication with the students like never before.

This application is included with several tools which are utilized to manage the classes and content. It helps students in getting regular updates with regard to timings and other important occasions in the right time.

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For example, the students get summer updates in the right time before next year school starts. Google Classroom App is mainly focused on implementing new tools for both the teachers and the students, this new version is now made available for the parents and guardians.

They can automatically receive the updates and summaries regarding their kid’s work. So they will be aware of the work what exactly and how their kid is performing the given class work. We guess this feature will be loved by the parents, although students may not be happy about it.

With this Parents and guardians stay informed with the email summaries from Google Classroom. The email settings can be assigned as per their preferences; they can receive the emails daily or weekly emails.

For the students, the updated version of the Google Classroom App mobile applications is currently available with these features, ability to annotate the documents collaboratively, make it easy for the students and teachers to team up outside of the classroom.

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The students can sketch out the mathematics problems and create the visuals for move with their assignments. In a similar way Teachers can use annotations to grade assignments and mark up the student’s assignments, and even they can highlight the passages in a document which they share in the class.

Google has not made heavy changes for the teachers segment in this new version. Google has made only few update like, they can manage the activity streams at the center of Classroom. And Google is now allowing to add the images to the questions and multiple choices answers in the Google forms.

Huawei in Association with Disney, Marvel Introduces $100 Smartwatches for Kids

The Chinese largest electronics giant Huawei launched a new Smartwatch for children’s. Huawei has launched this Smartwatch collaborating with Disney, Marvel. This Smartwatch is not an upgrade to the Stylish Smartwatch which was released recently by Huawei. It is made to kids and also called as children Smartwatch.

The company is trying to emerge into wearables for kids which have a huge market in China. A recent ongoing event happened in China where Huawei has introduced their first kid’s Smartwatch which designed associating with characters of Disney and Marvel which you can clearly see the visuals with respective characters content.

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This children’s Smartwatches developed by Huawei with a theme of particular characters like Mickey, Minie, Frozen Four and Captain America for starters. Coming to the specifications of this wearable is compatible with any smartphones irrespective of the Operating System, such as Android and iOS.

This Smartwatch has 1.3-inch OLED display and support Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The parents can have access to control their kids watch and keep the track. This Smartwatch is GPS enabled, accelerometer, and another core set of sensors for the tracking purpose.

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This watch, fixed with 300 mAh battery which can give the standby up to 4 days and also provides with 1.5 days charge time.  This Smartwatch takes 2 hours for charging from zero to 100 percent which is a bit higher for 300 mAh capacity battery. It also has magnetic charging port which you need to get connected to the dock.

Huawei Smartwatch for kids also gives support for features like calling, positioning, and navigation to parent. This watch has another main feature SOS key where parents get notified when the kids need help.

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The watch weighs about 46 grams which are light in weight on the wrist of the child. This Smartwatch from Huawei is priced around $100. The company will sell this Smartwatch exclusively on the Vmall.com, the online retail website in China. The users who are interested can log in on the website at 18:00 today, China Time, to buy the Smartwatch for their kids.

Disney launches its social messaging app for kids

Disney has come up with a solution for all the parents who are fed up with the Parental Guidance apps. Kids these days are drenching in the digital world and are active in each medium of social connectivity. The main worry for a typical parent nowadays is, mobile phones overtook the purpose of communication and took control over child’s life.

Disney announced its version of social app ‘Disney Mix’ which enables to chat, play and share. This new social messaging app is safe and family-friendly for kids. A recent study estimates more than 90% of teens are spending about 7.5 hours a day on average to access Digital media. This app ensures parent a very safe and violation free chat when their kid is using the app. Entertainment giant, Disney developed an app very user-friendly, and it allowed access for children of “4+” age.

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Disney Mix assures a high-end privacy messages can be exchanged only when a user approved the request from that member. Users can have the option to follow official Disney accounts, which keeps them updated about new Disney channel content, movies, videos. Etc. Disney has taken special safeguard to prevent issues like online harassment to provide a neat chat app.

“You can only send messages to someone if you have both accepted a friend request. Disney Mix has filters in place to make chats safer. Inappropriate chat, language, and personal information will be blocked by these filters and you’ll see dashes instead of words when something is blocked,” Disney mentioned in a description.

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Violation of community guidelines can be reported quickly just by a tap on “whistle” icon in any chat window. The reported conversation will be sent to Disney’s moderator team and after a review, the violated user will be served a temporary or a permanent ban from the chat app. Apart from text messages, Disney Mix also allows parents and kids to play interactive games and share stickers.

Presently it doesn’t support photo and video sharing, and it is expected to be available in the next update. The developer made the app available on Android and iOS platforms.

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