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Google Unveils “Project Bloks” To Teach Kids To Code

project bloks

Google today announced Project Bloks, a new open hardware platform for researchers, developers, designers and educators to build physical coding programs for teaching kids (aged above 5 years) to code.

Google collaborated with a design firm IDEO with the aim to build a platform which helps to build their own devices. Only the basics of the platform are provided by the giant. The team lead, Jayne Goldstein and tech lead Joao Wilbert in a statement said, “Right now Google has no plans to get into the toy industry.”

Google Research and Education teams, IDEO and Paulo Blikstein, the Director of the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab at Stanford University are associated with Goldstein and Wilbert to make this project success. They also say Google will not release its own retail units.

The three core components that make up the Project Bloks system are “Brain Board”, “Base Boards” and “Pucks.” These 3 components are connected together to build a set of instructions that can be sent to connected devices like toys or tablets over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Released! Price ¥299! :children’s Bodyguard

Brain Board acts as the central processing unit for the system which has speakers and provides power to the system. The Brain Board then talks to other components Pucks and Base Board that jointly make up the physical programming language of Project Bloks.

The Project Bloks team explains that Pucks provide basic commands like “turn on or off,” “move left,” “turn 180 degrees,” etc. They mostly resemble the dials, buttons and switches.

Then the instructions or commands from the Pucks are passed to the Brain Board by Base Board.  Base Board packs haptic motors and an LED so users can get real-time feedback. The Base Board can also be used to play audio on the Brain Boards.

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Google on the project website claimed that it wants “to enable kids to develop computational thinking from a young age through coding experiences that are playful, tactile, and collaborative.”

“Imagine what could happen if we had 10 times more people developing ways for children to learn coding and computational thinking: not just the traditional way, but kids that would teach programming in different ways such as making music or controlling the physical world,” said Paulo Blikstein in a statement. “That is what this platform will enable: make it easy to think outside of the box, without all the technical obstacles.”

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Right now, Google is looking for educators, researchers, developers and parents who would like to participate in its research studies later this year.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids Smart Watch Released! Price ¥299! :children’s Bodyguard

Mi Bunny Kids

Track your child’s Location with new Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smart Watch prices @299 Yuan. Xiaomi, a leading Chinese electronics brand and largest smartphone manufacturer has now come up with the Mi Bunny kids smart Watch. This is for the first time the company has moved into the new field of child intelligence products. The all new Mi Bunny smart watch will allow the modern working parents stay connected with their kids. The Mitu watch is especially designed for the children in attractive colors and eye catchy expressions on the sporting LED dot matrix display. The very common problem every working mother and father face is the safety of the child, now this Mitu watch will definitely help such parents to track location of their child in emergency. Amazingly the price of this super watch is just 299 Yuan www.mi.com/mituwatch/.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU Children Smart GPS

This is the best smart watch to gift your kid, it actually helpful not only to track their location but also to track their fitness. It keeps the records of the history of your child’s route for three months. The watch comes with a pedometer to track the child’s physical activities like running and walking. Technology is often being blamed for making kids lazy and unhealthy with less physical work, so Mitu watch is going to prove this statement as false. Parents can set a security zone through a dedicated app, which instantly intimates if the child moves away from that zone. The other advanced feature is group chat service, which can add 12 contacts of the family members/ friends.

Mitu Watch

Is Xiaomi Mitu watch safe for your child?

The company claims that the brand new Xiaomi Mitu watch is made of FDA approved soft food grade silicone, a very comfortable and safe preventing any type of allergies.

How does an Emergency SOS button work?

The kid with the Mi Bunny smart watch can contact their parents in need of emergency, through this SOS button. Just by pressing this button the watch records a seven seconds of audio and real-time location of the child in distress and this information is with no delay will be sent to parents phone. The app installed in the parent phone navigates to the location of the child very easily. The group chat feature helps the nearest person to reach out children. During SOS, the industry AW8155AFCR audio amplifier fixed in the watch will give a crystal clear sound quality of the call.

Confused how Mitu Watch works as Phone?

Well, we have an explanation posted by the company about the watch working as phone is that, it will sure the in-built Mi phone card worth 10 Yuan paid at the time of bill which supports GSM networks 900/1800MHz. It has no additional roaming charges add monthly charges. Outgoing calls will be charges at 0.1 Yuan per minute whereas incoming calls would be free of cost. Data used for location tracking through GPS will be charged at 0.1 Yuan per MB. It supports synchronous receive US GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite positioning system combined with Wi-Fi, a base station, gravity sensor.


MiTu Watch is changing the way families and kids stay connected

Phone call and two-way chat:

MiTu Watch can make and receive calls easily through one button.

Smart locator, 5 modes

MiTu Watch uses a unique blend of GPS, LBS, GSM, WiFi and G-sensor to allow parents to locate their child with the most accurate location information, both indoor and outdoor. By the app, you can see your child’s location on a map at anytime.

Set Family numbers

MiTu Watch can set 12 family numbers via app, after opening caller ID display function, it can display the name of commonly used contacts, so as to filter out the strange calls and eliMiTunate fraud calls / information.

Intelligent emergency, SOS button

In an emergency event, your child only need to long-press power button on MiTu Watch, parents will recive the sign on phone via the app, keeps your child safe at a moment’s notice.

Safety Zone

Set up safety zones on the app for your child. SafeZones are a virtual radius around a location, such as home, school or a friend’s house. FaMiTulies members will receive notifications when your child steps are outside the safety zone.


Now kids very easily have fat, short sight or other problems due to the lack of sports, which affect their body development. Pedometer function can constantly encourage kid to exercise, help them grow healthily.

Built-in SIM Card

Support GSM networks: 900/1800MHz

6 Days Long Standby, Safety and Low-radiation

With 300mAh polymer battery, can normally use 2 days.

Other Specifications of Mi Bunny Watch include Triple data encryption (Local Data, Data Transmission and Mi Cloud). The watch has 300mAh of polymer battery with standby of 2 days of regular usage and it has low SAR value. A brand event is scheduled on May 10th. In this event the company has decided to announce Mi Band 2 and Mi Max. Mi Max is the company’s first device with more than 6-inch of screen size.

Kano’s Computer Kits Let Any Kid Can Build, Anywhere

Kano's Computer

Kano Computer Kits :

A new idea can bring success, and an innovation can make a person famous. To bring the hidden talent and to increase the creating level in children, Kano a start-up had launched self-made computers for children of age group 7-12.

The new technological company was started from the challenge of a seven-year-old kid to build his computer & code to his cousin. Taking this as an idea Alex Klein along with Yonathan Raz-Fridman & Saul Klein developed a technology which enables children to build their computers.

The products of this technological start-up also avail the younger generation to broaden up their skills and enhance their knowledge by writing their code. With this attempt, they have created a modern method of learning.

Kano’s computer comes up with a look children’s Lego set pieces which are big in size, chipboard, circuits, wires, and plugs which are colourful and neatly packed.it also includes guided books in English for assisting them in connecting the parts and how to build by attaching them.

Kids nowadays just want to create instead of consuming the available resources around. The Kano’s product for children allows them only to make their computer just by attaching the peripherals, plugging in the pieces and wiring up the speakers. They can give it new design by own making style and also extend them with new add ups like Wi-Fi Dongle

Having Raspberry Pi 2 microcomputer at its heart, they can also start coding to make magical games, create pictures, music. They can also change the game by hacking into it and changing the game code. It’s an all-in-one kit for kids to improvise their knowledge and to build the future.

The start-up recently launched a screen kit, which includes a magnifying glass  for kids to have a precise view.it consists of driver board, LCD panel, programmable buttons, a base and stand and plug-and-play cables

The UK-based firm launched in November 2013 looked at an investment of $100 from the public to make their first product ended up at funding of $1.5 million from 86 countries.

The Sale is through the company’s online portal or E-commerce portals like Amazon and is kick-started majorly in all English speaking countries. The price of the Kano’s computer is $149.99 which is suitable for all kids from 8-12years old.

Targeting the Asian market, they are looking to expand their product to countries like India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They were also planning to build their product in other languages like Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish.

One of the founders expressing his view on expanding to India saying that there are 350 million children who are under 15 age group. By extending our services to India and helping them to empower them in designing innovations which would have an enormous impact on the future of their country.

The users of Kano also had a social community through which all of them can share their ideas, opinions and innovations. Over 40 thousand coding projects are being shared until now. It shows the skill levels of younger generation and their thinking capability where in past decades kids would be playing with outdated games and Lego sets in which the term innovation is not a question.

The Founders of Kano is also focussing on increasing the ratio of female users. As they only constitute 35% of the total users. The company is also roping up to expand their products and accessories. All New updated version of Kano is set to release which is faster with advanced powers built on the Raspberry Pi 2.

For Kano’s role in modern education, Klein (24) was featured as one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2014.


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