Google introduced two new apps for communication at I/O developer conference, back in May. ‘Allo’ for text messaging and ‘Duo’ for video calling. It seems Allo is more interesting than Duo. Allo makes use of the intelligent Google Assistant bot, but Duo is out first. Google hopes it’ll withstand among swam of apps. Laser focus provides a high-quality mobile experience. The app is out for both iPhone and Android phones.

Designed to be 1-to-1 video chat, a client without all the complications and baggage of hangouts. The app is based on phone number, and users can chat with anyone on their contact list that has Duo. Out of the gate, Duo runs on both Android and iOS. The operation of the app is quite simple with just one tap to start a call. A user will be able to see a live video of the caller before answering the incoming call. Google named it ‘knock knock’ and users can turn it off, iOS users don’t have access to see Knock Knock previews unless the app gets open.

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“The genesis of Duo was we really saw a gap when it came to video calling, We heard lots of [user] frustration, which led to a lack of use, but we also heard a lot of desire and interest as well.” Said Nick Fox, Google VP of communications products.  Google uses a QUIC protocol in Duo which ensures a better video quality when compared to other video chat services. Duo has an option to flip over to mobile data when a poor WiFi quality is detected. Google says Duo is available for download now in few countries and will be out worldwide sooner. Duo is being billed as a more reliable and simpler way to see family and friends as you talk to them.


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