Around 750 Millions of Internet users exist in China. Out of the mentioned figure, at least 23% constitute minors aged below 19 years. Internet addiction in China among the adults and minors is a growing concern for the country.

Shockingly, the Internet addiction in China is also leading to some of the criminal activities too. Recently, a 16-year old girl killed her mother as she could not tolerate the amount of torture that she went through in the rehabilitation center. These centers termed as Boot camps.

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Boot centers treatment compared to Army type training. Thes centers are so strict in making the people control from the addictions.

To combat the Internet addiction in China, Cyberspace Administration of China has introduced a new law which is under consideration. As per this upcoming law, the Kids and the youth will be restricted from accessing the Internet from midnight till 8.00 A.M in the morning. Once this rule comes into existence, the youth has to register them to play the Internet games.

There was a call for the game designers too. Gamers are proposed to design games in such a way that the software themselves detect the age of the user.

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There is a risk of encouraging Boot camps. There are reports that these camps practice some of the cruel methods of eradicating the addiction. Electric shocks and severe beatings are a common phenomenon in these Boot Camps.

Some of the lawyers have pointed out this, and this may increase on the other hand. Such practices should also kept in check. One more aspect that not consider under the following act is the mobile users. Almost every individual in China has a smartphone in their pockets. The Internet usage in mobiles cannot control under this law. This law can only be helpful in controlling the computer internet users.


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