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Tendulkar to make digital gaming debut with ‘Sachin Saga’

Are you a serious mobile gamer and you are interested in cricket too? Then there’s good news for you. Legendary Cricketer, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar sets all the way to make his debut in the digital gaming world with the launch of the official game named Sachin Saga.

As you all know that the official teaser of Sachin’s biopic “Sachin A Billion Dreams” hits YouTube and Smashed all records.

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With this teaser Sachin has entered to the film industry and now with the launch of brand new Game called Sachin Saga, Tendulkar makes his debut into the world of digital gaming with the proposed launch of his official game.

This game is going to be developed by PlayIzzOn Technologies at their studio in Pune and US. PlayIzzOn is the gaming arm of JetSynthesys. In Association with Fluence, a celebrity digital network in India, the partnership has been initiated.

The announcement regarding the game was made by Rajan Navani, The Vice Chairman and MD of the Pune-based JetSynthesys Private Limited.

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As a part of the game launch, Sachin says “It is exciting to have my first digital game being developed…I am involved with different things and this experience will be something all of us will enjoy together.”

A statement from Sachin says, the game “Sachin Saga” PlayIzzOn to create is involved closely with all the stages. On playing the Sachin Saga, the gamer can able to experience his entire journey in the cricket and get to play as Sachin in his top 100 matches. The players can play the game with their friends and colleagues to win the world cup.

The game ‘Sachin Saga’ will be available for the Android, iOS and Windows and respectively available in the Google Play store, Apple’s App Store and Windows Store. Apart from these releases, the game will also be accessible on the consoles.

Watch the wonderful Trailer of ‘Sachin Saga’

WhatsApp new Feature “Voicemail” is now Live on Beta Version. WhatsApp APK download

WhatsApp latest Beta version has come up with the new feature “Voicemail”.  This feature is live on beta version of the application with built number and Version 2.16.189. WhatsApp is on the top position from past one year with the constant updates and with new features in this instant messaging service.

Earlier this messaging service has the new features in different segments like Voice calls, Font styling, and to overcome security issues, end to end encryption also came into live in the previous versions.

WhatsApp adds New Font in the Recent Update:Check Out How to Use it.

In this update, two features are enabled in the Voice calls section. When the user makes a call to other users, and if the call is not answered or declined from the other end, then the “Call back” option is enabled which is similar to the redial option in the regular phones. The second option is, the user needs to press the mic button for the record the voice message and to send the voicemail to the unanswered user.

When the user records and sends the voicemail, the end user will receive the voicemail as the audio message which you all are aware of it. If the user wants to discard the voice calls, then he can simply click on the cancel button.

WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

So download the latest beta version of instant message service WhatsApp from the Google Play store. Make sure that the downloaded application is the updated one and the version number with 2.16.189. If you want to download the application from the other sources, then you can search for the WhatsApp latest version apk. Whatsapp Voicemail APK download  and Whatsapp Voicemail Beta Download is available.

Check Twice Before You Download Pokémon Go App: Fake Apps On Google Play Store Can Ruin Your Smartphone

According to reports, a few malicious Pokémon Go apps invaded the Google Play Store, which can infect your smartphone when downloaded. The wildly popular Nintendo’s augmented reality game; Pokémon Go is now available for download in most of the countries of the world.

But we already have reports about the Pokémon Go fake apps. So, be cautious of the fake apps that can freeze your smartphone or redirect you to porn sites.

Lukáš Štefanko, a malware researcher at a Software Security Company, called ESET said that a fake gaming app named “Pokémon Go Ultimate,” is the first lock screen app to enter the Google Play store.

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According to the blog post of the company the app was used between 500-1000 times before it was taken out of the store. A report published in Fortune explains that when the fake app is downloaded and run on the smartphone, it is installed as “PI Network,” instead of Pokémon Go.

The reports also state that the one who run the fake apps would sight their phone frozen, and it might eventually force to restart the device by removing the battery. After rebooting the smartphone, the PI Network app disappears but in fact the app runs in the background and can pop up fake ad clicks. If you or any known person is already struggling with such issue, you can uninstall the app from the device application manager.

Pokemon go apk latest version android free download

ESET has also found many malicious apps on the store that are closely related with the augmented game Pokémon Go. Such fake apps include “Install Pokémon go” and “Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go.” These apps attract gamers with free in-app items such as Poke coins, Poke balls or Lucky Eggs. The reality is that it is a trick to mislead the “user into subscribing to expensive bogus services.”

“Every time the user presses the ‘Back’ button, new scare ware pop-ups and advertisements appear,” added Štefanko in the post. “The only way to get rid of them is double-clicking on the ‘Back’ button.”

So, the suggestion is users have to check the details of the publishers, developers, reviews and the number of downloads of the application before downloading it from the store.

Google Keyboard turns to be the Best Keyboard on Android with Customizable Themes

Google has released the recent update for the Google Keyboard 5.1 which is turning up to be the best keyboard for all the time in Android. There are many third party themes and layouts for the keyboards that can be installed on the Android smartphones. The users can even customise the keyboard layouts as per their requirement.

Now Google is providing their own in the recent update of the Google Keyboard. A lot of significant improvements has made in this update. The reviews are coming in positive all the way. Google made the things even better in this release of the Google Keyboard 5.1.

Magic Keyboard: OLED Touch Bar to latest OLED Touchpad concept

In this update Google added the features like customizing with keyboard layouts with the coloured themes, insert the background images to the keyboard layout. Earlier this update is found in the developer preview of the Android N (Android Nougat).

To enable and use these Google Keyboard features follow these below steps:

First Go to Settings then Language & input. Select the Google Keyboard for the further options. Choose the theme option and click on Set Keyboard Theme.

Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard > Theme > Set Keyboard Theme

Now enable the Key Border option and now you can change the coloured themes, and even you can add the images to the keyboard layout with the simple steps from the gallery.

The Das Keyboard 5Q, World’s First Cloud Connected Keyboard

Key Features in this update.

  • The users can change and customize the Keyboard layout.
  • To move the cursor, just slide your finger across the space bar.
  • You can slide left to remove key to gesture the delete words.
  • One handed mode for large screens
  • With the simple long press, you can remove the learned or the dictionary words.

Download the Google Keyboard from Google Play Store 

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