Everywhere in the world, Pokémon GO is showing its mark. The response coming for this game is never before expected. Pokémon GO officially released only in some countries across the world; in some areas there is no official release for this game. But the users somehow got the hands on the game. Pokémon GO is the game which is an instant hit and got overnight success. And now in China, the iOS app store is trending with the clone to the Pokémon GO game. Moreover, this new clone game is in the top charts in the iOS store.

The new clone game is similar to the Pokémon GO called City Spirit Go is currently trending in the China’s iOS app store. Pokémon GO is not released in some parts of the world, So when the users search for the Pokémon GO game in the iOS app store, the results are pushing this “City Spirit Go” clone game in the top results.

Pokemon Go: How to Install Game On iOS and Android Devices

One of the Websites named TechinAsia mentioned that this game is not the clone version of the Pokémon Go is did not copy the augmented reality part, but the rest of the mechanics were included. The gameplay is similar to Pokémon Go which is location-based, and the difference is augmented reality is replaced with the cartoony one.

This clone game is developed and released by Xiaoyu Sun, Shenzhen Science and Culture Exploration Ltd. interactive entertainment. The users who want to install this game can download this game from the Apple’s App store. The game is compatible with the devices having the iOS version 7.0 or later. It is supported for the devices iPhone, iPad and the iPad touch.

Pokemon go apk latest version android free download


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