We all know that Keyboard is an input device but in coming days we may find the keyboard as both input and output device. Are you wondering how it would be possible?? We have an answer.

Das Keyboard is coming up with clicky-keyed mechanical keyboards which would serve as both input and output device. It differs with the regular keyboards in many ways. Das Keyboard is a series of computer keyboards sold by Austin’s Metadot Corporation. Of course, it may be quite noisy when compared to traditional keyboards.

The primary motive of these keyboards from Das keyboard is to make user customise their keyboard basing on their taste. The keyboards from the Das series would include feature s like blank keycaps, which helps users to improve their touch typing skills.

Das Keyboard 5Q, the latest keyboard from the company, places more controls at the fingertips of the user. The first input/output keyboard displays the information using RGB LEDs which can be programmed individually in a virtual dashboard.

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It is the World’s First Cloud Connected Keyboard, which makes an ad-hoc connection to the cloud and takes data from the public APIs on the web.

Users just need to map the lights to display that information on the keyboard in the form of lights on the buttons. The company also enables users to track the status of their projects by using the color-coded display.

After programming the device, it can be used to give inputs and also as display for representing the notifications, reminders and long-term data tracking too

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According to the company over a period these LED notifications will get embedded in the user’s sub-conscious memory, so eventually, users view the keyboard in peripheral vision as work.

Das Keyboard is the only brand holding the unique image of making switches in-house, while other brands use Cherry MX brand switches for making mechanical keyboards.

The Open API RGB mechanical keyboard project is up on Kick-starter now in need of a $100,000 in funding. It had raised more than half of the funding within two days. After the completion of the funding process, the retail price for the 5Q would be $249.

People who are interested in the smart project can invest in the funding campaign by moving on to the official Kick-starter page.



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