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Best Apps for Holi: Add Colour to your Celebrations

Holi is one of the main festivals in India and is celebrated in the month of March every year. It is the festival where all age group people engage in celebrations by throwing colours on each year. The impact of a smartphone on our daily life has been increased, then why not use the smartphone for celebrating the festival too. Know the Best Apps for Holi and make this day more special in your life.

With Holi coming up in very few days and most of all are probably started their final preparations for festival of colours. In this article, we have listed the 8 Top Holi Apps to install on your smartphone to celebrate the Holi. People can download the Android Holi Apps from Google Play store on their handsets.

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Appy Holi- Colour Your Pics

Most of all the people are afraid of taking selfies during the celebrations of the festival of colours if in any case, their phone gets damaged. Download the Appy Holi- Colour Your Pics app so that you can add colours to your photos digitally. This is one of the Best Apps for Holi with features like

  • You can add colours to your pictures.
  • And you can change your old images into colourful photos through this Holi app.
  • Save and share the photos in your social media accounts.


Have you enjoyed in celebrating the Holi with your friends by taking selfies and photos? Instead of sending them as images go for a try to send them as videos. There are many apps to turn photos into videos in the Google Play store. One of the best apps among them is Kinemaster app.

  • Users can select their favourite photos and can add layers and background songs to make the video.
  • If you don’t want the app name on the video, you have to go for Pro version of the app.

May- Photo Fantasy Editor

On any occasion, people click photos and share them with their friends. Instead of sending as just images you can add frames to them and surprise your friends with colorfully decorated photos. Through May- Photo Fantasy Editor app people can add colours to their memories.

  • Photo editing feature.
  • Add layers to the photos.

Musixmatch Lyrics

Are you getting confused while singing the songs and suddenly confused about the lyrics mostly the Bollywood and Hollywood songs? Then try the Musixmatch Lyrics app. It is the world’s largest collection of lyrics of all regional songs used by millions of people around the world. Through this user can get instantly synchronised lyrics for YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and much more. People can also know the lyrics to the songs on their mobile.

Edjing Mix: DJ Music Mixer

Holi is not just a festival of colours, but the actual spirit of Holi only kicks in with the songs. If you want to make the festival more rocking, listen to the songs in DJ style. Edjing Mix: DJ Music Mixer is a music app which consists of more than 50 million remix tracks. It is one of the best Top Holi Apps to celebrate the festival of colours along with the bang of DJ mix.

Indian Recipes- Free Offline

Are you get tired of singing and dancing to the songs and want to eat best recipes of the Indian cuisine? Try out the Indian Recipes- Free Offline app. In this people can find more than 10,000 recipes and want to taste the new traditional dishes on any festival occasion. To check the recipes, you no need to have an internet connection. Once you download the Indian Recipes- Free Offline app, you can open the app and check the recipes.

Free Book: Free Recipes

Having a doubt about what ingredients to use and want to know how much fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol present in the dish? Then download Free Book: Free Recipes app. From this users can know the nutritional values of the food along with the cooking procedure.

Cooking Videos

If you are feeling difficulty to read the recipes while cooking then check out the videos. It is easy to cook through videos rather than reading. The Cooking Videos app is exactly the same app which you all are looking for, and it consists of various recipe videos. You can just swipe the left and right corners to know the ingredients list.

Justwatch helps You Where to Watch Movies Legally

With more Indian millennials aggressively migrating to video-on-demand (VOD) platforms to watch premium content, JustWatch, a Berlin-based start-up, offers a search engine to help viewers find where to legally watch their favourite movies and television series online.

But, for an international over-the-top (OTT) content player vying to create a space and make it big in the Indian market, providing local content is equally important, said David Croye, Founder and CEO at JustWatch,

“If an OTT player wants to get big in India, providing Hollywood content alone can only be the start, local content is more important in India than in most other countries,” Croye said.

“When we looked at our visitors, we were pretty amazed to see that we already had over 500,000 visits from India. They were mostly coming from search engines and were trying to find where they could watch a movie or TV show online,” Croye added.

Now Watch Video Offline Through JioCinema Movies TV App

With JustWatch, viewers in India can easily compare the different legal OTT catalogs, such as Netflix, Hotstar, among others, as well as choose which service provider would be best for them.

However, internet infrastructure may prove to be a major challenge for JustWatch to establish a business in the Indian market, according to the JustWatch CEO.

“The internet infrastructure is still not fast enough when it comes to broadband access. So it will take a few years more until most people will be able to stream in high definition (HD) format,” Croye said.

“Thus, temporary downloads of streams and optimisation of the content for mobile devices is really important. JustWatch is built mobile-first and optimised for loading speed,” Croye noted.

JustWatch app, which is currently online in 25 countries and has over 25 million users since its launch last year, is available on both Google Play store and Apple store. While JustWatch aims to make viewing content less annoying and more valuable for users, as an international aggregator it also aims to make movie marketing a lot more efficient for advertisers.

Facebook to Rely up on Artificial Intelligence to Flag Offensive Live Videos

“As the demand for streaming movies is huge and we want to bring more transparency to the market. our business model is to help movie studios advertise their content to the right audience,” Croye said.

To do this, JustWatch collects anonymous user data on movie taste and purchase behavior through its website justwatch.com and apps in many countries worldwide.

The corresponding anonymous user profiles are used to run highly targeted and efficient video advertising campaigns on mainly YouTube and Facebook for movie releases in cinemas, home entertainment and VOD.

“We always try to have a good mix between international VOD platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video, and iTunes as well as local providers like Hotstar, Hooq, and Voot,” Croye said.

“We already have a long list of smaller Indian providers we want to show on JustWatch in the future. In the weeks after the launch we will listen to user feedback and look at the data to decide which providers we will add next. We plan to add at least 5-10 additional OTT providers over the coming months,” Croye added.


Google Play reduces Android App Updates Size by 90% for faster downloads

Are you facing issues regarding the storage on your smartphone? Worrying about downloading the applications or updating from the Google Play store. Cool! From now you don’t have to concern with those issues. Google has recently announced about the shrinking the size of the application and also the updates.

Hence, downloading the applications from the play store will be quicker than earlier. The best thing about the reducing the size of the application is, it does not occupy much storage on your device. So you can able to download more apps regardless of the storage.

Google Play Reveals Top Apps, Games, Books, Movies, TV shows of the year

Google could able to manage to reduce the full apk size up to 47% downloading size earlier. It uses the bsdiff (Binary diff/patch utility) algorithm for reducing the delta size up to 50% when compared with the older algorithm. Using and applying the patches for the binary files, bsdiff produces binary patches up to 50-80 % smaller than the files produced by Xdelta.

During the recent announcement Google has mentioned that it found the new way to reduce the file size by 65% off the size of app revision. In some cases, it could also go up to 90% by using the technique File-by-File patching.

Most of you all already knew that Android apps were getting the packages as APK’s that can be converted into ZIP files with the special conversions. Using the Deflate technique, the data within the Zip file will be compressed. The uncompressed data will make to identifying the changes makes the compressed output of deflate look different. This will lead to difficult for identifying the compressed content which leads to inefficient patches.

Google Play has reduced the usage of this new patching technology for the auto updates for now. This will ensure that the users do not have to wait for the longer time than usual for the update to complete in spite of doing it manually.

India’s Google Play Store get ‘Net Banking’ as the New Payment Option

Google has illustrated scenario with the example on the blog. Imagine you are the author of a book which is about to publish and you have to update the single sentence. It is much easier to mention about this to the editor to change the sentence and what to change rather than sending an entirely new book. In a similar way, the patches are much smaller and faster for downloading than the entire APK.

Drop your comments regarding this move by Google. Stay tuned for more updates.

YouTube Kids App for Android and iOS with child-friendly Content Launched in India

Imagine an app for kiddos!!! Ahead of Children’s day, Google-owned YouTube has launched the fantastic YouTube Kids TV app in India.  This app is free and standalone app which features the content uniquely customized for cute little ones and can be downloaded in India from Google Play Store and App Store.

“YouTube Kids comes to India at an excellent time for millions of Indian families, as it provides children access to content that will enrich their lives and create new opportunities for learning,” Malik Ducard, YouTube’s Global Head of Family and learning, said in a statement.

“India already has a very distinct and rapidly-growing creator base for kids and learning, with content in this category growing 100 percent year over year,” Ducard added.

To make easy for the today’s tech-intelligent kids, to find videos and on topics, they want to explore, YouTube has launched this YouTube Kids app on Wednesday. It sounds cool right!!! With its playful design, bold icons and large images, YouTube makes easier for kiddos to select what they are interested in watching.

YouTube Kids app Video

The YouTube Kids app also contains a unique feature, i.e., voice search which let children find videos when they cannot spell or type a word. This Kids app consists of so many learning shows such as

  • ChuChu TV and Kids TV
  • A new season of ‘Cat and Keet.’
  • Popular Chase comedy show by Toonz Animation
  • Gummy bear song in Hindi
  • New season of Appu-The Yogic Elephant
  • Little Krishna
  • Rhymes videos and much more

The company has roped the top creators from India to create a new platform through YouTube Kids app for curious little minds.

Parental Controls

  • Parents have to learn how the app works first. They have to follow the on-screen instructions to search a video to play. The videos that are available in the YouTube Kids app are family-friendly and hence when you find a video that you are concerned just flag it. So that will help your kids to view.
  • This app is embedded with another useful option, i.e., search choice. You can turn on search option if you want to explore your kid through some family-friendly videos
  • And also disable the search option if you want to restrict your child to a limited set of videos.
  • YouTube Kids app embedded with inbuilt timer option, which alerts the child when the session is over.
  • There is a choice to turn off the background music and sound effects if you need little peace and quiet.
  • Parents have an ability to set a passcode for the app to access settings and other parental information in the app.

You can also watch the YouTube Kids on your big screen using Chromecast, Smart TV, Apple TV and game consoles. It is made available to download in Google Play Store and App Store. It was a fantastic app to create new opportunities for learning to precious kids. Here we are wishing#Happy Children’s Day.

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India’s Google Play Store get ‘Net Banking’ as the New Payment Option

Users in India can able to see the net banking payment option in the Google Play Store. Now they can purchase apps, games, movies, and songs using the net banking payment. Things are not clear that Google is testing currently this feature? Or when it will start rolling out to all. There is no official announcement regarding this update from Google.

Purchasing the apps, games, songs and others are made easier and secure on the Google Play Store. Google has made this new payment process for buying the paid content on play store. The users in India using the Play store are appearing with ‘Net Banking’ payment option. This allows the users to pay directly with the net banking details without entering the card details.

For adding the new payment option in your account, you have to jump to Google Play Store, Swipe the Hamburger menu to see your account. Then tap the Account option and you can see the payment option. Tap on the payment to add the desired payment.  You can able to see the ‘Net banking’ option, select the bank you want to choose as the default payment.

Google’s Official Wallpapers App Now Available On Google Play Store

The payment with the net banking is enabled when you are purchasing the applications or other on the Store. So you can be free from entering the complete details like card details and other payment options like redeeming the gift card.  This update is currently available on the desktop and the update on the app takes time to rollout.

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