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Google Launched An App Called Google Trips App That Makes Your Travel Trips go Smoothly

Google Trips

 Use Your Personalized Travel Planner With Google Trips App

Android and iOS smart gadget users have good news to hear from Google. The most useful app for frequent travellers who are unaware of the locations. Google has now launched a new mobile app by name Google Trips.

The new app will help out the users to use it without internet facility. This is why it is something special. The travellers may not be in reach of Internet connections always while travelling. Hence this is considered as the most useful mobile app.

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Google trips can become a personal guide once the route and maps are stored in the mobile app with the help of Internet. With the saved data the route maps can be followed by the tourists. In other words, this can be stated as an offline app.

The vacations can be now planned with this feature happily as the reservations, planned route or journey, and travel planning. The program includes day plans, things to do, food and drink, etc. once with the help of Internet everything should be downloaded.

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As per the company, Google Trips app has already stored the information of nearly 200 cities. These towns, chosen on the basis of the majority of travelers travelling to these cities and spots.


Once the data chosen, there is an option for download. Once pressed on the download button the entire information will store in your mobile, and there is no need of further internet connection.

Apart from the pre-loaded cities and tourist spots, the users can manually add new destinations for their trips. Entire information about hotel reservations and food available in that locality includes in the app.

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There is a facility of knowing the reviews and the ratings about the location and the facilities. The app is now available for free download in the Google PlayStore. Here is the link for Google Trips Download App in Google PlayStore: https://goo.gl/3NB8XA

Opera Extends its Free and Unlimited VPN to Android

Opera Extends its Free and Unlimited VPN to Android

Opera has released the unlimited VPN service for the iOS platform earlier this year, as the result of its acquisition of the SurfEasy, and now the same thing enters into the Android users.

Opera VPN service will allow you to browse from different countries such as US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands, apart from this it even allows the users to block the ad trackers. Once you go with this you can bypass the content restricted based on the location with the VM and without any data limit, you can use the application as much as you want.

Opera is the first browser to get inbuilt VPN

You don’t need to have any prior experience for using this Virtual Private Network, this application will automatically handle the Android VPN settings for you. This will also check the security and the integrity of your existing Wi-Fi connection. When you are using this service, it might slow down your internet speed, but as per the reviews and suggestions, this is not going to be problematic to use while surfing the web.

Users who are Interested in this VPN application can try by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Opera Launches Native Ad-Blocking on Mobile Platforms

Here are the few services you get on using the Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN

  • Fastest and very reliable VPN service
  • It can unblock the access via your choice in the five virtual locations.
  • This has the ability to have the ability to determine the Wi-Fi network’s security level, and even the connection’s encryption and protection from the threats.
  • The built-in ad tracker blocker for preventing the advertisers from the following around the web.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

It’s been a week since Google’s Duo has got released and the new video calling app is smashing hits in Android download. Google Duo is the most downloaded and outranked all other free apps in the Google play store. Users got an icon revamping just before its launch. The surprising thing is that the software ranks high user preferences, as it optimises to work in any country.

It seems Android users are really enjoying this video chatting app. The results states the app supremacy is surpassing Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Pokemon GO, YouTube Music, Facebook and Instagram. Google Duo has managed to get a significant raise in the interest among Android users. Google Duo has obtained an average rating of 4.5 which is far better than Facebook with 4.0, Facebook messenger and snap chat with 3.9

google duo

Google Duo is now available all over the world after limiting to some countries at its initial launch.  Earlier last week, many pointed that Duo might not compete with other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Facetime regarding users. However, it is smashing hit with Android users as it turns out. The developer made this video chatting app available for the users with a smartphone which runs on Android 4.1 or latest.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

The usage of this app is quite simple, all it needs is a phone number to get started, and users can connect with their contacts with just a tap. Google optimised the app to work so well in poor conditions, and the app can switch to an audio-only mode in case of weak Wi-Fi connectivity.

Google is planning to convert these initial users into daily active users. Google play chart shows the interest Android users are showing on this app. The real task lies to prove users that Google Duo is the best video chatting app.

Android Instant Apps arrive in Google Play Store beta

Android Instant Apps (App Streaming) and VR purchases

The new version of Google Play Store is rolling out to the users now, but according to reports, the new update will not appear to be overflowing with any other big and bold features. But the interesting things to be noticed are floating around inside of the APK and the point to some of the things; we can look forward in the future.

The Google Play Store Version 6.9 in teardown apk having the built-in application streaming interface and the custom purchasing experience for the cardboards. The users are still looking for more changes in the store, and the interested developers can download the files, and they can explore the things by themselves.

As Google promised earlier, they are embedding the new features in the recent updates to the Google play store. The virtual reality content and the streaming preview of the applications on the store.

Airtel’s Wynk Music Is The Top Music App On Google Play Store

With this app Streaming feature when the user searches for the few games on the Google search, then the results that are coming on the Google Play store. On finding the appropriate results, the users can access the application and can able to play few levels of the game or the application even without downloading the complete application.

Android Instant Apps

Already this feature works in the Google search, but the people are habituated to go straight to the Google play store and download the app or game which the user is looking for.  How things look is explained below.

When the user looks for the respective application in the Google search results, then you will be able to see “try now” button. This feature is now applicable to every application but only for the few Android Instant Apps. This prevents to downloading the lengthy applications and the installations.

Google Launches a New 3D Imagery Game App, Verne: The Himalayas

Apart from this, you can have the evidence to know how the virtual reality apps will looks inside the Google Play store when VR hits the Android mainstream. With the implementation of the Daydream Project, Google is likely to make the availability of the feature VR content inside the Google Play for both the Daydream and the Cardboard.

The Google Play store should automatically update on your Smartphone or the tablet. If you don’t want to wait for the release of the update, search the apk and grab the file from the sources.

Airtel’s Wynk Music Is The Top Music App On Google Play Store

Bharti Airtel's Wynk Music Is Most Downloaded Music App On Google Play Store

Wynk Music app from India’s leading telecom network provider, Bharti Airtel, on Tuesday announced that it is the highest downloaded music app on Google Play Store in India since December 2015. Based on the data, it claimed that the app has now crossed 25 million downloads since its launch in September 2014. And further reports revealed that Wynk Music currently plays over 15 million songs a day to customers and the interesting thing is 60 percent of the Wynk installs are not Airtel customers.

Spotify Reaches To 100 Million Subscribers Since Launch of Apple Music Streaming

 “We are thrilled to see such love from our users and this will add to our motivation to keep delighting our users with a great in-app experience through constant innovation. The combination of growing smartphone penetration and proliferation of mobile internet in the country has given a significant push to the uptake music streaming, particularly amongst younger audiences who look for quality content on the go. Given the importance of music our lives, we believe we have only scratched the surface as far as potential of music streaming goes,” stated Kartik Sheth, CEO at Wynk.

 Spotify And Apple Music Dominates YouTube As Audio Streaming Overtakes Music Videos

Wynk Music has a vast collection of over 500 music labels in 12 languages, besides curated playlists across genres and moods. Wynk thus gives a great in-app experience to its users. According to the reports, on an average a Wynk user spends more than 5 hours per month on the app. Recently, the music streaming service launched its mobile site which allows users to enjoy music on their smartphones on any browser.

Users are allowed to stream music smoothly on 2G networks with the new Data Save Mode with 2G optimisation, and this will save up to 70 percent of data. Another interesting feature of Wynk music service is, it offers a local MP3 player which helps users to play the songs from the device and app too.

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