pokemon go game play in iOS and Android

Pokemon Go, famous Augmented Reality game is back in action and is available for download and play in selected countries. The video game comes from the Nintendo electronics company and was developed by Niantic Labs.

The game had recently undergone beta testing, and the official version of the game is ready to roll out on iOS and Android devices in some regions. Currently, the game was made available to the iPhone users in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokemon Go will be available in July along with wrist wearable called Go Plus

Pokemon Go AR game on smartphones

Present the much-waited AR game was made available for Android users downloadable at Google Play store in North America. The much-anticipated game is free to play with micro-transactions. To play Pokemon Go without unlocking the smartphone, one needs to buy a $35 accessory.

The accessory alerts the users via vibration and light signals, whenever a Pokemon is near to the player. The user needs to catch the creature by throwing the ball and by pressing a catch button on the device. Different light signals would appear resembling the successful capturing of the creature or for an failed attempt.

Everyone goes crazy about the Pokémon battle games, and the new Augmented Reality Pokemon Go game uses a smartphone to bring Pokemon characters and Pokemon battles into real life locations and other landmarks in cities.

The game is much similar to the Ingress, a flagship game from the Niantic labs where two teams battle up against each other

Nintendo’s new game ‘Ever Oasis’ for 3DS launched at E3 2016

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company had hinted about the release date of the Augmented Reality game during this year’s E3 live stream event. They indicated that it would be officially released in the month of July.

The public beta testing period of the game had ended on 30th June. The current announcement may thrill the game lovers who are eagerly waiting for experiencing the game in AR mode.


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