Pokémon Go has been already launched, and lots of players are hunting down Pokémon. If you are not yet started and looking for How to play Pokémon Go, we are here to teach you a lot about its mechanics, basics and other aspects of this game.

A complete Pokémon Go Beginners Guide is here for you to enjoy your Pokémon experience.It is an “Augmented Reality” mobile game which allows you to interact with your neighbourhood to catch Pokémon.

The primary focus of this game is to catch Pokémon, and there are other goals like visiting Poke-stops and Gyms, catching eggs, strengthening and evolving your Pokémon.

Pokemon Go: How to Install Game On iOS and Android Devices

The first step to playing Pokémon is, you’ll need to install Pokémon Go app in your mobile. The app is available on iOS and Android in US, New Zealand and Australia. Soon it will be released in other countries too.  The detail process of How to play Pokémon for beginners is stated clearly below.

Soon after the starting the game Pokémon is available in various regions based on game’s GPS map. If a new Pokémon is nearby, your phone will buzz.While catching the Pokémon, you can activate AR to see the Pokémon in real life. At the bottom part of the screen, Pole ball is placed, just press and hold on the Poke Ball.

To capture the Pokémon, just tap the Pokémon, a ring will appear around your character, and it displays your range, you can only interact with Pokémon and objects within this circular area. Different colours will seem to show how hard is to catch a Pokémon(red is hard and green is easy).

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You have to hold and throw the ball as the circle gets smaller. If you hit the target, the chance of capturing Pokémon is high. You don’t have to sit in one place; you have to explore to catch the other Pokémon. You can choose your first Pokémon between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Depending on your region, the type of Pokémon you find will change.

Poke-stops is a landmark you can go and pick items and experience.These are usually parks, churches, historical landmarks, and other famous places. To get an item, you have to visit Pokestops ad they look like cubes, once you get close to Pokestops, it changes its shape from a cube to a Pokeball shape.

The item you get in those Pokestops are eggs, potions, Pokeballs and revives. To get items in the Pokestops, click on the item swipe the circle inside it and receive your items, it is possible once you get close enough to Pokestops. After getting the items, you get 50 experiences, and it will turn pink.

Catching Pokémon, visiting Pokestops and fighting at the gym will level up your character. A gift item will be rewarded when reaching a new level. Once you reach the level 5 you have the opportunity to battle with other trainers in gyms. You have the chance to choose one among the three color-coded factions viz., Yellow Team Instinct, Red Team Valor and Blue Team Mystic.

Pokemon Go rolls out for iOS and Android only in selected regions

Gyms are the places to train your Pokémon or battle other Pokémon. You have to travel to the gym in real life. If the gym is in your faction, you have to select a single Pokémon and train your Pokémon there; it will level up the prestige points and help you to earn a Pokémon. If you encounter a gym with a different faction, you have to battle for control over the gym.

To battle with other Pokémon, you can tap to attack and swipe left and right to dodge your enemy Pokémon. The special attack is possible once your special meter is full. You can press and hold to use your special attack. The battle will continue until your Pokémon has fainted. To heal your Pokémon, you can use potions and revives, which you can get from visiting Pokestops. Once you win the battle, and you want to claim the gym for your team, you have to leave one of your Pokémon behind to garden.


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