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Users Can Delete Messages In All Chat History, Unlike Hangouts. Sticker Packs are also available

Google Hangouts

Have you ever thought of deleting the personal messages in the Google Hangouts?  Now you don’t have to worry on this, As Google announced about their latest messaging application Allo, in the last Google I/O event. Allo allows the users to delete the chats.

This is the one more way with Allo is; you can delete the chats received or sent by you, and you can delete that unwanted funny which you don’t want to stay in your chat’s history. As per the sources and from the screenshots obtained from the preview version of Allo, it looks like the users can able to select any messages and simply tap the delete the chats.

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After selecting the threads, the top bar switches to show forward, share, copy and delete options, which reminds me lot about WhatsApp.

Google Hangouts 1 Google Hangouts 2 Google Hangouts

You can view the screenshots attached above, how the chats are deleted in the threads of Allo. In this scenario the user selects the chat with the “message 3” and later it is deleted. The selected chat gets deleted once the user hits the delete.

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The deleted chat gets disappears from the chat history. The users have to keep in mind that, the deleted messages will only disappear from the device/ account, but they will still there on the end user phone/ recipient phone.

So if you want to delete the sent message or an image, the only way is to delete the entire chat in your account.

Check out the hilarious stickers packs available on Google Allo.

Google Hangouts 5 Google Hangouts 4

Google Hangouts 3

Allo is getting some hilarious sticker packs the users in their application. There is a sneak peak of the available stickers in the Google Allo. Allo has the sticker packs like Condoms, butts, nipples and others, which will boost usage of the chats.

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Stickers are the best and easiest way to convey the feelings and emotions in a short span of time than the words. Nowadays chats without the emojis, stickers and other gif based are getting popular, Allo has made one step forward with some exciting sticker packs which will easily redirect the users to use this app.

Let us see how far this will work out in the Google’s Allo application.

Google Hangouts Will Discontinue Google+ Hangouts on Air from September 12 in Favour to YouTube Live

Google Hangouts

From September 12, 2016, Google Hangouts on Air will be discontinued and in the favour, they are introducing YouTube Live. As of now, the users will broadcast through their Google+ Hangouts now this will be available only through the YouTube Live.

Earlier Hangouts were made available only to the limited users when the Google+ was first launched in 2011; later it is extended to all users within one year. This live-streaming format has been used to power several prominent Web Series, including Vaginal Fantasy, in which hosts Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Kiala Kazabee, and Bonnie Burton read erotic literature.

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Instead of completely stopping the Hangouts on Air services, Google is moving it to the YouTube Live. Hangouts on Air are sticking around, and the intention of moving this is clear.

As of now Google has made several steps to separate the Google+ from its other properties and this decision falls completely in this category.

The main substantial things happened in the year 2015 for separating the Google+ and YouTube, when Google selected their users would no longer need the Google+ accounts to leave the YouTube comments.

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Earlier in the year 2013, this decision reversed a controversial change that was derided by the YouTube community shortly after it was implementation.

To use Google Hangouts on Air with YouTube Live, check out this procedure:

  • Go to the Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
  • Click on New Live Event.
  • Select Quick (using Google Hangouts on Air).
  • Give the title to your live stream.
  • Click Go live now or enter the details to scheduling your event.
  • Use Hangouts to broadcast live.

By following the above procedure, you can go live with these easy steps on the YouTube Live.