Peace begins with a smile – Mother Teresa.

August 26, 1910. The day Mother Teresa was born in the region in Albania called Skopje, Macedonia. Mother Teresa-The woman of faith, she is the supporter for the homeless people. She is the great personality and being called as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Mother Teresa initial name is Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhiu, and she named with Teresa in 1931 when she turns herself as the nun. On the day of Mother Teresa’s Birth Anniversary, walk through the unknown and interesting facts which you are not aware about Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa’s Birthday: A Tribute to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Some Unknown and Interesting facts about Mother Teresa:

  1. Her Name Comes From Her Patron Saint

Mother Teresa born on August 26 in the year 1910 and the initial name of Teresa is Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhiu. She was born in the region in Albania called Skopje, Macedonia. When she takes the orders by herself to become a nun in the year 1931, she named with ‘Teresa’. She chose this to honor her patron saint.

2. She Never Saw Her Family after Leaving for India

Mother Teresa’s mother and sister are buried in Albania, and she visited their graves each time in her declining years and she was buried there too. Mother Teresa took her orders in Ireland but not long after was moved to the Sisters of Loreto in India. Her mother was always given support to her work, despite being shocked by the awareness of her youngest daughter doing long term mission work so far away.

3. Mother Teresa Won the Nobel Peace Prize

As per the sources, Mother Teresa has won more than 100 separate prizes for her enormous efforts and work. In the year 1979, Mother Teresa was honored with the Nobel Peace Award. She refused this traditional Nobel Banquet that is hosted for the most recipients as the celebration. This costs about $192,000 usually budgeted with the fund for the dinner and to be donated to the charities which will help the poor she has been living as well as working among.

4. She was Built Homes for Homeless People

Homelessness is the major aspect in the poverty Mother Teresa has tackled. She began to work in Calcutta slum places where the illness is often being forced into the streets, since the inability in the work with the high medical bills and the individuals and families from paying to the housing.

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The New York Times article about Mother Teresa Biography mentions that Teresa has built the places for those who are with leprosy and socially shunned conditions. The care in many places was still insufficient, but the patients seemed not to be on the streets anymore. Mother Teresa has a recognition that having a place to call, home is the basic comfort and attempted to give that to as many as she could.

5. She taught children by drawing in the dirt with sticks

When Mother Teresa has begun her time in India, her proper assignment is to teach the convent children in the private schools, and now this experience as the teacher made something she took her to the streets. Soon after providing housing for the homeless, she began to teach many children in the slums with the limited equipment available. She taught them to read and write by drawing in the dirt with the sticks. This was an ancient method of teaching.

6. She Lived a Strict Life of Discipline

Susan Shields is one of the nuns who has worked with Mother Teresa and has gained the disrepute in publicizing what she considers the truth of blessed with humanitarian. Susan Shields says that many donations that Mother Teresa has overseen didn’t seem to go to those who were in need, Teresa was stubborn and very insistent about how to care the poor along with distributing the supplies.

Susan also says about Mother Teresa, that she was unselfish and mainly points out the strictness of the humanitarians in how she treats the fellow nuns by denying them several creature comforts, including  heating, mattresses, and proper seating.

7. She received a State Funeral

Mother Teresa died in the year 1997, and the Indian Government gave her a state funeral, honoring her work with the poor and needy. State funerals are reserved for the ministers, and the president of India has decided and given the state funeral to the family of a respectable individual. This is honored based on the service for the country, and it is not an honor for the individual one. The entire nation is asked to mourn and the national flag is set to half-mast and the day of the funeral is considered as the national holiday.

Mother Teresa is the respectable woman, and she was honored on behalf of her conscientious work for the poor people and her encouragement of the compassion as well as the humanity among the citizens of Calcutta.

8. She Founded the Mission of Charity

Mother Teresa hasn’t remained alone in her work. She began to spread what she was doing, and many volunteers showed up to help in her work. Teresa officially founded the Mission of Charity in the year 1950 which is a ministry and dedicated to those thought a “burden” on the society. She opted to care for the homeless and the disabled people and anyone else who she felt that the society shunned as the unloved, uncared of and the unwanted. This sentiment is one which is mainly professed among many religious groups but what Teresa sets and those who had followed her apart is taken in the actions.

9. Teresa faced personal doubt in her principles

Mother Teresa, she is a monolith of faith, and she can bring the feelings of shame on the believers who feel insufficient by comparing both in actions and faith. If Mother Teresa makes you feel in the similar way with whatever you opinions or beliefs are, take to heart that she expressed many doubts and distressed over her religious life.

UK Daily Mail report has collected over the Mother Teresa’s lifetime that she faced the doubts about the God, and she could not always feel his presence in her life strongly as she felt she should. All she had done is blaming herself for the misery this caused her.

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These are the few things that have motivated Teresa to drive her in working with the needy for fulfilling her need to get closer to the God with her good works. Looking at all these things, it looks like her faith might not go the way she wanted it to be because it is always difficult to believe in the loving and merciful God the way she did when the situations of Mother Teresa were so much suffering. She never gives up, instead of it, she let that struggle as the part of her life and never let it to stumbling block in her mission work.

10. Mother Teresa Attempted to Resign from Her Mission

Mother Teresa always wanted to be the part of the functional activities in which she founded, and she knew years before her death that she could not always be the part of it as her health began to decline the support. She has also made an attempt to step back and let others take the leadership.

During the visit to the present pope, she suffered from a heart attack in 1983. Later after six years, she got another heart attack and eventually she received a pacemaker. Mother Teresa resigned as the head of the mission after realizing the seriousness of her condition.

Teresa stayed on the board until the month of March 1997 but the time her heart was so worn out from working, and she left us in September with her order in the faithful hands of the people she trusted. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is still alive in our hearts and Mother Teresa Quotes still inspire us.


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