After Google’s Annual Mega Event Google I/O it’s time for another industry leader to show-off its future products. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be commencing from June 13 to 17 in San Francisco with a big press conference.

The event served as the big stage for the firm’s major releases like iOS, OS X, and other platforms. Although the released updates in the last few years were comparatively small. This year’s event would be substantial for the company because of the drop in the sales, and it should come with newer plans to compete with other big guns in the industry.

The conference is all about the updations, new features coming to the operating systems iOS, OS X, which powers Apple’s devices.

Major Announcements Made in Google I/O 2016

Voice Assistant Siri:

Another important aspect that every tech enthusiast is looking for would be ‘Siri’. The buzz around the industry is Apple planning to revamp its voice assistant with primary updations lot of discussions are expected about on how improved tools, including the possibility of a Siri SDK (software development kit), would work, which would make Siri accessing third-party applications.

OS X or Mac OS:

We can expect Apple’s Touch ID feature on new MacBooks. There is a possibility that Apple could also make iPhones work as Touch ID enablers for Macs. Some sources suggest that company is planning to revamp OS X to Mac OS due to many reasons like outdated, misread and in the thought of a common name for all its operating systems.

Apple May Move From OS X to MacOS

Echo Competitor:

According to the reports, Apple would launch its own Echo-competitor, a speaker that could be branded as Beats & might be coming with the face-recognizing camera. It would be a shock if it comes true but would be great to see such product and will surely become a rival for the Amazon product.

Apple Watch 2.0:

The Apple watch didn’t get any updations since its first launch a year back; we can expect the announcement of next generation Apple watch featuring changes in design and speed. It would certainly take some time to roll out. A preview of the new version of Watch’s OS would be displayed during the event.

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TVOS 10:

The firm could unveil the new Os for Apple TV with ‘TVOS 10’. Rumours indicate that Apple ‘TVOS 10’ would have the blended functionalities of both icloud and Home Kit. The black box would be a way for your smart home.

 The Apple Car:

I’m not kidding; the firm is working on a self-driving car. The launch of the electric car would take some more time, but we can expect some announcement about it on the conference.

As these are only expectations and rumours, we will be updating you with all the information about the WWDC event starting on 13th June.

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