Helix, an assistant content tool which would be much useful for the researchers for their writings. It was created by Paul Burke and Neil Krishnan. The duo exhibited their creation at the Disrupt NY Hackathon 2016, an event where developers & engineers would be staging their latest inventions. Like many of the Hackathon projects, Helix was also registered at the last moment which proved to be quite impressive.

Sometimes Researchers have to go apart from Google to find journals or other information during the research writings. Important information regarding medical sciences is locked up in databases of the medical journal repositories like JSTOR or PubMed.The searching capability of these search engines are less when compared to Google. This would result in wastage of valuable time of the research writers.

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To lessen this problem and save the time, Bruke along with Neil Krishnan had developed a word processor plug-in named as Helix. It automatically scans what the user is typing and gives suggestions about the relevant news, sources and journals. There is no need of pressing any button or any control to use Helix, and everything is done automatically. The information provided would be seen along the other side main text area of the user.

Helix runs on machine language for showing the preferences and relevant information. Up on the request of the user suggestions and citations will be provided for selected text or phrase. It would provide the user with a faster research operation and prevents the discomfort of diverting from their research to other issues.


Bruke said that primarily Helix is built on extracting the data from the PubMed repository and they would upgrade its capability by adding databases of other journals. They make Helix on the trial versions of IBM Watson and Lateral, which are technology platforms. Bruke and Neil are working & would approach the technology providers to prevent Helix from facing some problems.

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