Hello Everyone, I am back again to provide you Tips to secure your Digital Life. I always have been interested in guiding in relevant fields where I am expertise.

Today, I am going to give you the four steps to secure your passwords and your digital life.

Earlier this week, on World Password Day, has been on May 5, 2016. The aphorism on this World Password Day is to promote threats on regular using passwords. So internet users mostly use 25 worst passwords in 2016 as per the survey was done by Password. Org

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There are four steps to secure your digital life are as follows

Create Strong Password

The key should always be lengthy. Your secure code should contain a minimum of eight characters so that it might be somehow difficult to guess. Do not use personal information and always use all uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers.

Use a different Password for each account

How would be if one key opens your door, car, bike, bank, etc. does it make sensible? Imagine if one has held on your one key, they could access all your other account and spoil your Internet Digital Life.

So always use a different password for each account you have.

Get a Password Manager

A bookstore records all the information written on it until or unless if you keep it safe. In the same manner, a good password manager will always secure your all passwords you use. Because it is easy to use different passwords but it gets the tough situation to remember all those.

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Multi – Factor Authentication

A Password is not at all enough to get MFA. The most important secure access to your Internet is using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). MFA is a computer security reduces the risk involved in Hacking in Internet Security, Cyber Warfare, Information Security, Mobile, and Network Security.

Last year about 450 million passwords leaked from the majority of Internet companies. So using MFA is like adding an extra layer to your password significantly reduces the risk of someone hacking your account.

You can visit twofactorauth.org for a comprehensive list of websites and services that offer MFA.

The 25 most used “Worst Passwords” are given below:

123456, Password, *12345678, QWERTY, 12345, 123456789, Football, 1234, 1234567, Baseball, Welcome, 1234567890, Abc123, 111111, 1qaz2wsx, Dragon, Master, Monkey, Letmein, Login, Princess, Qwertyuiop, Solo, Passw0rd, and Starwars




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