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Project insight information to provide information from Instagram, Facebook post

Project insight

The Government of India will launch project insight to sniff out tax evaders from the information posted on social media.

Recent reports state that Indian Government will build up a warehouse of virtual information collected from social media. Till now, Income tax department has just collected information from traditional sources like banks. Starting next month, this project insight will help Income tax officials by providing information from social media data base.

“Officials will be able to spot those who pay too little tax without raiding offices and homes as they currently do,” the report states.

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This project insight is essentially a database which provides information on social media with extensive search and matching facilities. Income tax officers can estimate the expenditure and can co-relate with the income statements. This new regime is expected to roll out its operations starting this financial year itself.

The government has taken many such anti-evasion measures in the past too. Linking tax payers PAN with biometric identifier Aadhaar aims to prevent tax evasion using multiple PANs. The nature of expenditure is also will be under surveillance and if it is compliant with the declared income of the assessee.

CBDT Launches aaykar setu, a Mobile App to Pay Taxes and Apply PAN Card

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that over two crore people went on foreign trips in the earlier year. Out of which only 32 lakh people have declared their income above Rs 10 lakh.

Earlier, Modi had declared that 37,000 shell companies are included in tax evasion have been detected. More than three lakh firms found suspicious dealings post demonetization.

Other than this project insight, Government is trying for automatic tax information exchange regime between India and Switzerland.

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Inspired by Youth of Tamil Nadu,AP Youth Calls For Protest Seeking Special Status

special status for andhrapradesh logo

AP Special Status Protest is now moving to the next level with a new turn. The youth of Andhra Pradesh has called for a protest at RK Beach, Vizag, on 26 January demanding Special Status for the state. Popular Telugu actor and Jana Sena Party leader Pawan Kalyan announced his support Andhra Pradesh youth for their AP Special Status Protest. Jayaprakash Narayan, Ys Jagan and other Tollywood Celebrities had tweeted supporting the protest.

Taking cues from the Tamils for ‘Jallikattu’ and their victory, AP youth called for AP demands Special Status protest. And the hashtags #APDemandsSpecialStatus‘ and ‘#APSelfRespectMoment‘ are viral in the social media as the youth took the initiation. The rage grabbed all the attention and requesting people to co-operate irrelevant to political parties.

Andhra Pradesh Government to Issue Free Mobiles to Economically Backward People

Discussing the facts, Andhra Pradesh is demanding nothing new except the assurances given by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Massive protests took place all over the state in earlier September, when Union Finance Minister announced a ‘special economic package.’ Which, special status was the demand even then. The assurances also include declaring polavaram as a national project.

There are printed brochures going viral on social media with a fist and seeking police support for the silent protest. Netizens are already up with their special display picture demanding “We want special status for Andhra Pradesh.” Youngsters are active in social media with a common opinion about the special category.

Centre Gives Nod to Ordinance on Tamilnadu Jallikattu

More interestingly, the organizers have asked the participants not to include political party flag. They ask the Protestants to come with black shirts and carrying a black flag. They also cautioned about no fan wars or party wars and not to damage government properties.

Now, Pawan took up his Twitter account to proclaim his support for the event. Pawan has tweeted on ‘Jallikattu’ victory by the Tamilians who stood strong on the issue. Even few other cine actors and celebrities extended their support and ensured their presence as a part of the same. Apart from that, social media is taking a major lead in promoting the protest with arms #APDemandsSpecialStatus‘ and ‘#APSelfRespectMoment to get AP what it deserves.

Tweets Supporting #APDemandsSpecialStatus :

One in Five Adults Secretly Access their Partner’s Facebook


A recent study says one in five adults secretly access their partner’s Facebook. According to the new survey, people are accessing their friends’, partners, family members accounts in the victims own devices like desktop, mobiles, etc. with the motive of curiosity to jealousy.

Many people worried about their account being hacked. But according to the research people who know us well are accessing our accounts without permission.

Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

This research had found by the University of British Columbia, they have studied on 1308 US adult Facebook users. In that 24% people, one out of five people had snooped the Facebook accounts of friends, partners, and family members.

Wali Ahmed Usmani, the author of these research and student in computer science, said mostly when people left their mobiles or desktops without log out then data have being stolen. Most of the people snoop into other people account for fun or jealousy.

Computer science professor Ivan Beschastnikh said If anyone accessing his friends facebook account more than 15 minutes then he is doing that out of jealousy.

Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

In many cases this snooping effectively ended the relationship. The electrical and computer engineering professor Kosta Beznosov said “the findings highlight the ineffectiveness of passwords and PINs in stopping unauthorized access by insiders”.

“There’s no single best defense though a combination of changing passwords regularly, logging out of your account and other security practices can definitely help,” said Beznosov.

So social media users must be careful while accessing their accounts, it is better to change their passwords weekly once. While setting passwords try to make the combination of alphabets, numerical, special characters. Always make sure to log out your fb accounts and keep your passwords as secret.

After Pakistani Chai Wala and Singapore Airport Officer, Nepali Tarkariwali is Trending on Social Media now

Nepali Tarkariwali is Trending on Social Media now

After Pakistani Chai Wala Arshad Khan and Singapore Airport Officer Lee Minwei, Nepali Tarkariwali has become a sensation on social media right now. Netizens and Social Media users have gone crazy and searching for Nepali Vegetable Seller after saw her beautiful photos. She was damn cute. Already boys across the globe may fall in love with her after watching her pics, and we expect this Nepali Tarkariwali had already stolen the boy’s hearts with her good looks and mesmerizing smile.

Just a few weeks ago, a blue-eyed good looking Chai Wala from Islamabad took the millions of hearts after his picture went viral on social media. Later Airport Security Officer from Singapore, Lee Minwei also joined in the list and spell-bound lakhs of girls. Now twitters heart beats fast for a cute looking Nepali Tarkariwali, a nice vegetable seller from Nepal.

 ‘Mr. Asia’ Title crowns Bengaluru Water Tanker Driver  

#Nepali Tarkariwali is trending now on Twitter and also in many social networking sites. These cute Nepali Vegetable Seller pics had gone viral and making sleepless nights for boys. Just like Arshad Khan, a Pakistani Chai Wala, someone noticed this Tarkariwali and posted her picture on social media. The beautiful photos of Nepali Vegetable Seller carrying vegetables on her shoulder had captured at Fishling Suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan in Nepal.

Everyone is praising the Nepali vegetable seller who is currently trending on social media as #Tarkariwali for her hard work and her choice of profession. However, let’s wait and see what opportunities this cute looking Nepali girl will bag through this internet fame. A few days ago, Social Media sensation Arshad Khan, a tea seller from Islamabad had bagged the modeling contract and also appeared on a TV show after his internet fame. We hope this Nepali Tarkariwali will have a bright future.

Check What twitter is Saying about Nepali Tarkariwali

WhatsApp comes closer to Video-call Update

Whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp had become a part of every individual using a smartphone. The free social networking mobile application had millions of users around the world. It is continuously updating with useful features suiting the users need. There is a buzz in the tech industry that the social networking app would soon unveil major features like Call back, Video Calling, Zip sharing. It is also said that the new update may also include the usage of QR & NFC codes for inviting people into their WhatsApp groups.

With the advent of voice calling option, the largest Multiplatform chat application sets a fierce competition for the Network providers resulting in the Debate of Net neutrality. The future Video calling option may challenge already existing video call applications like Skype and IMO.

$5.38B revenue Facebook Q1 2016 report crossed 1.65 Billion users

The recent rumours say that presently the Video calling option is running in the beta version of IOS, which is undergoing testing with limited users. The rumours are strengthened because some Screenshots of the same were leaked and are in speculation but no official confirmation is available.

Another feature called Call back would also be available soon. This Option allows the user to call back friends with a single tap of the button without opening the app. Sharing of Zip Files & invitation to WhatsApp groups through QR codes may boost the usage of the application across IOS and Android users.

The new changes in Instagram brought panic to its users

The Social Networking application had officially rolled out an update for all its users. The latest update includes various new features which would make it, even more, users friendly. The newer version of the Facebook-owned application enables users to make a reply to the messages right from the notification itself.

A quick camera button present on the chats allows users to take picture or video from the mobile. Just by selecting and holding the conversation gives user new options like Quick Delete, Archive, or Mute multiple chats at a time.


The new version of WhatsApp includes rich text formats like bold, italics and strikethrough the text. For a bold, Italic and strike through just enclose the text simply with’ * ’ , ’_’ , and ‘~’ respectively.

The mobile application had also given the settings screen a new look and option of selecting a solid colour as chat wallpaper.

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