UberPool is now getting more punctual, with the new “Arrive By” feature on UberPool the guaranteed arrival to the designation is before the stated time. If not, Uber will give you $2 off on your next UberPool ride.

Sometimes when you’re rushing to make a flight or a job interview, you can’t mean to be late. That’s why UberPool is excited to announce a new UberPool feature which makes the users to plan their journey at ease. With this, the users will have a belief that they will reach the designation in time without any stress.

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The biggest problem to be noticed is a lot of drivers and riders dislike UberPool. They even complain about the flaws in the app which always defaults to UberPool, when they are trying to use UberX or some of the other detours to pick up additional passengers and deviates them too far from their way. Many drivers complain that UberPool is not worthy for the headache of satisfying multiple riders in a single trip for lesser payments. They also say that the riders often take out their frustrations and anguish on them by giving them negative ratings and feedback.

Uber mentioned that it heard all these complaints about crafting the better system. The service which is providing currently is excellent, and the Uber had over 100 million pool trips completed around the world and more than 100,000 people are taking the pooled trips each week in the 18 cities globally which includes NY, LA, Beijing, Shangai, etc.

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In China Uber is losing $1 Billion in a year fighting with its competitors, UberPool has developed 30 million trips in a month.