A recent study says one in five adults secretly access their partner’s Facebook. According to the new survey, people are accessing their friends’, partners, family members accounts in the victims own devices like desktop, mobiles, etc. with the motive of curiosity to jealousy.

Many people worried about their account being hacked. But according to the research people who know us well are accessing our accounts without permission.

Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

This research had found by the University of British Columbia, they have studied on 1308 US adult Facebook users. In that 24% people, one out of five people had snooped the Facebook accounts of friends, partners, and family members.

Wali Ahmed Usmani, the author of these research and student in computer science, said mostly when people left their mobiles or desktops without log out then data have being stolen. Most of the people snoop into other people account for fun or jealousy.

Computer science professor Ivan Beschastnikh said If anyone accessing his friends facebook account more than 15 minutes then he is doing that out of jealousy.

Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

In many cases this snooping effectively ended the relationship. The electrical and computer engineering professor Kosta Beznosov said “the findings highlight the ineffectiveness of passwords and PINs in stopping unauthorized access by insiders”.

“There’s no single best defense though a combination of changing passwords regularly, logging out of your account and other security practices can definitely help,” said Beznosov.

So social media users must be careful while accessing their accounts, it is better to change their passwords weekly once. While setting passwords try to make the combination of alphabets, numerical, special characters. Always make sure to log out your fb accounts and keep your passwords as secret.


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