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Upon wearing a pair eyeglasses that having a lens or constantly changing the reading glasses may soon be over. Smart glasses are one of the latest technology trends that were developed by the scientists. The most interesting highlight of these is, it automatically focuses on the object of what person is seeing.

Whether the object is far or close, these Smart glasses focus automatically and let the user view more clearly. The human eye has a lens that adjusts the focus on what person is seeing. But as the person’s age increasing the ability to focus will gradually decrease. Due to this most of all the people wear reading glasses or bifocals.

However, with the recent, invent of Smart glasses may become the solution for the eye-site problems. The glasses developed by researchers at the University of Utah in the United States. They contain lenses that are made up of glycerin, a thick colourless liquid which enclosed by thick rubber-fiber on front and back.

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The rear membrane on each lens connected with the series of three mechanical actuators that pushes the membrane back and forth. It changes the curvature of the liquid lens and focal length between eye and lens.

“Most people who get reading glasses have to put them on and take them off all the time. You don’t have to do that anymore. You put these on, and it’s always clear,” said Carlos Mastrangelo, computer engineering professor at Utah.

According to the researchers, when a person wears Smart glasses and looks at an object the meter automatically measures the distance. And then tells the actuators how to curve the lens. If the wearer sees the object that is closer, the distance meter readjusts and shows the actuators to reshape the lens for far sight.

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The lenses of these Smart glasses can change the focus from one object to another in just 14 milliseconds. A rechargeable battery embedded in the frames can charge more than 24hours as per charge. Moreover, the glasses run through the provided smartphone apps.

Smart glasses invented by the group which also include graduate teacher Aishwaryadev Banerjee. In the bridge of glasses, the distance meter placed which measures the distance via pulses of infrared light. Before putting them for the first time, wearers have to input their eyeglasses prescription into one of the smartphone apps. And then it calibrates the lenses via Bluetooth automatically.


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