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Smart Glasses Automatically Focus on What You Looking at

Upon wearing a pair eyeglasses that having a lens or constantly changing the reading glasses may soon be over. Smart glasses are one of the latest technology trends that were developed by the scientists. The most interesting highlight of these is, it automatically focuses on the object of what person is seeing.

Whether the object is far or close, these Smart glasses focus automatically and let the user view more clearly. The human eye has a lens that adjusts the focus on what person is seeing. But as the person’s age increasing the ability to focus will gradually decrease. Due to this most of all the people wear reading glasses or bifocals.

However, with the recent, invent of Smart glasses may become the solution for the eye-site problems. The glasses developed by researchers at the University of Utah in the United States. They contain lenses that are made up of glycerin, a thick colourless liquid which enclosed by thick rubber-fiber on front and back.

Imagine Smart Augmented Reality Glasses

The rear membrane on each lens connected with the series of three mechanical actuators that pushes the membrane back and forth. It changes the curvature of the liquid lens and focal length between eye and lens.

“Most people who get reading glasses have to put them on and take them off all the time. You don’t have to do that anymore. You put these on, and it’s always clear,” said Carlos Mastrangelo, computer engineering professor at Utah.

According to the researchers, when a person wears Smart glasses and looks at an object the meter automatically measures the distance. And then tells the actuators how to curve the lens. If the wearer sees the object that is closer, the distance meter readjusts and shows the actuators to reshape the lens for far sight.

‘SVOne Enterprise’ From Smart Vision Labs Will Replace Your Eye Doctor

The lenses of these Smart glasses can change the focus from one object to another in just 14 milliseconds. A rechargeable battery embedded in the frames can charge more than 24hours as per charge. Moreover, the glasses run through the provided smartphone apps.

Smart glasses invented by the group which also include graduate teacher Aishwaryadev Banerjee. In the bridge of glasses, the distance meter placed which measures the distance via pulses of infrared light. Before putting them for the first time, wearers have to input their eyeglasses prescription into one of the smartphone apps. And then it calibrates the lenses via Bluetooth automatically.

UPI to be available offline to make digital payments

Now a days digital payments got more demand due to the effect of demonetization. So the central governments have introduced the new plans in the process of United Payment Interface which can also known as UPI and the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which can also known as USSD. The new system is more user-friendly, and it helps to make digital transaction even without the internet connection.

The primary objective of this new app is easier to use, and with this single app, users can do transactions across multiple accounts. They are going to launch this app with the platform of USSD which enables banking through feature phones.

ICICI Bank launches UPI-Baseed Eazypay app for Merchants

The Upgrade version of UPI has the basic features like sending and receiving money, changing the language and providing balance inquiry. They also plan to combine USSD with UPI, and integrate the services in a way that non-Internet users are able to use these services for encouraging cashless transactions.

By this UPI they are enabling money transfer through mobile device around the clock in 365 days. It is a single mobile application for different bank accounts.

The user of UPI can use any banks’ app without being its customer and add another bank’s account to it. But, in case transaction fails and the funds won’t returns to the sender’s account, at that time user have to approach the bank.

SBI Pay App Launched for Android Powered by UPI; Non-SBI Customers Can Register too

 Bankers said there is no automatic reversal of money. The officials of a national payments corporation of India help to resolve the problem, but the volume of transaction is quite low.  They also said it would be difficult for banks, as well as NPCI, to handle grievances when the volumes are in millions

The authorities also said the new app wouldn’t replace the existing app. Only the basic features will remain same. Remaining features are going to be changed. According to the information, this app will be launched in the first week of January.

Google Launched An App Called Google Trips App That Makes Your Travel Trips go Smoothly

 Use Your Personalized Travel Planner With Google Trips App

Android and iOS smart gadget users have good news to hear from Google. The most useful app for frequent travellers who are unaware of the locations. Google has now launched a new mobile app by name Google Trips.

The new app will help out the users to use it without internet facility. This is why it is something special. The travellers may not be in reach of Internet connections always while travelling. Hence this is considered as the most useful mobile app.

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Google trips can become a personal guide once the route and maps are stored in the mobile app with the help of Internet. With the saved data the route maps can be followed by the tourists. In other words, this can be stated as an offline app.

The vacations can be now planned with this feature happily as the reservations, planned route or journey, and travel planning. The program includes day plans, things to do, food and drink, etc. once with the help of Internet everything should be downloaded.

Google Alleged Pixel and Pixel XL to Release with Version of Android Nougat

As per the company, Google Trips app has already stored the information of nearly 200 cities. These towns, chosen on the basis of the majority of travelers travelling to these cities and spots.

Once the data chosen, there is an option for download. Once pressed on the download button the entire information will store in your mobile, and there is no need of further internet connection.

Apart from the pre-loaded cities and tourist spots, the users can manually add new destinations for their trips. Entire information about hotel reservations and food available in that locality includes in the app.

Google for Work is Planning to Rename to Google Cloud

There is a facility of knowing the reviews and the ratings about the location and the facilities. The app is now available for free download in the Google PlayStore. Here is the link for Google Trips Download App in Google PlayStore: https://goo.gl/3NB8XA

5 Best Apps Relates or alternate to Prisma for Android 2016

Prisma is the latest phone editing application which enhances the images with abstract effects and filters. The users can even directly share on the social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and others. Prisma app got installations like never before, and the application is available for the Apple devices only.

The Prisma App contains the Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters that can be applied to the images captured from the camera and even from the gallery. Start capturing and make some impressive artworks with the Prisma.

The application can be installed on the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The main drawback is, the most user based version of Android application is yet to release officially. The Android users are eager and desperate to get Prisma like apps for Android on their devices. The beta version of Prisma has spread across the internet unofficially. Later the developers blocked the usage of the application and it says “Thanks for using the Prisma Beta Version and now wait for the official release”.

Prisma apk Download is Now Available beta app for Android

The users addicted to the Prisma application and before the release of the beta version, users searched for the Prisma alternatives. Some of the applications are available on the Google Play Store that is relatively similar to the Prisma Application. We are listing few Apps like Prisma that can be downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone.

 Photo Lab

Photo Lab is an app which boasts the images with stylish and photo effects and filters which are available more than 500 effects it is one of the Apps like Prisma. It makes your image looks more creative without the help of the professional photo editor like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.  With just simple clicks you can edit and upload the images to the social networking sites, and even you can set those images as the wallpaper or as the contact icon.

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is another significant and impressive camera app that is similar to Prisma. With this app, the users can apply some cool effects and artistic effects to the new and existing photos. With the straightforward and easy steps, the photos can be transformed into the cartoons, oil paintings and other abstract images which are similar to the filters that exist in Prisma. The users can use the filters for the pictures that exist in the gallery. The images can be saved after applying the required effects and filters to the pictures with the single touch.

Facebook now owns three apps with more than 1 billion users


Pixlr is one of the leading and best-downloaded apps in the photo applications category. The users can unlock the creativity with the Pixlr. This photo editor application is completely free, and it captures any moment and able to add the beautiful filters and combination of cool effects and filters. Once you are done with the editing, the direct sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites is directly enabled on the application. The application is available on the Google Play store, and the application link is provided here. Download Pixlr and start exploring your talent and creativity.


PicsArt is the photo application which is downloaded and installed more than 250 million times on the Android platform. This is one of the best photo editing application which can be done through the online preference. Creativity is just more than the photo filter, and PicsArt has many things which can be used for the picture editing purpose. The user can edit and create the stunning images with the available filters. You can also download the many other filters and effects from the online.

‘Uninstalling the Apps’ Feature goes LIVE in iOS 10 Beta

Super Photo

Super Photo is the photography and camera application designed and developed by Moonlighting Apps LLC. This application is used to create the fantastic effects for your photographs. The photos are unique and different with the outstanding effects and filters that are present in the application. The photos can be imported from the gallery for editing, and even you can also use the photos from the Facebook gallery. Apart from the editing, you can also use the existing features like brushes, textures, frames, combos, etc. For the future use of the tools, you can even bookmark the images.

Do you know how many times you touch your mobile in a Day?

We have 24 hours per day, isn’t it? Most of us plan our schedule by daily, weekly and monthly. And after planning our time we are somehow worried to fulfil as per the planning, reasons might be a lack of time, failing to give prioritisation (like Stephen Covey time matrix grid), and what not. Though we blame time and search for reasons to defend ourselves. A real fact mostly happens in every individual life.

The research found that at least 2617 times we touch our Smartphone in a day. New research says an average use we spend on a mobile phone is around 2.42 hours a day, and a heavy user spends 3.75 hours a day. Among one lakh participants, US recruited a sample of 94 Android users. They built a tool to track every user across 24/5 days and found people tap, swipe and click for 2617 times each day.

New Report Forecasts Big Threat: Youngsters Addicted to Mobile Devices

For top Smartphone users, it takes 5, 427 touches a day as per researchers report. Whereas people use apps (Applications) 132 times presumably. Likewise, average time spent on apps are Facebook 15 percent, messenger 3 percent, Chrome 5 percent, WhatsApp 3 percent, Instagram 3 percent, Home screen 9 percent, messages 11 percent.

Average age group use Smartphone from 15 and 24. Last year, a research report said Americans spend an alarming amount dedicated to phone is 2 hours 51 minutes. Estimating that by 2017, the average users will upsurge to 3.18 hours on an average and the maximum level of 5.56 hours each day.

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