Smart bottleKuvee Wine can save the drinks for you up to thirty days. The bottle has a special flap that can stop the spreading of oxygen into a wine.
All wine-lovers can’t wait to see the new technological miracle. The creators of Kuvee stated that with this bottle wine will stay fresh during a month after it was opened. Kuvee already has been called the smart bottle.
We all know that problem when you had a party, or just wanted to celebrate the day, relax, but did not finish the bottle. It is already opened, and all you can do is desperately try to save good and expensive brew by any possible means. Sometimes you must throw it away, half full and regret about money, time and perfect taste.
The main problem is oxygen that quickly spreading inside the open bottle. So, you can’t open two or three bottles, in the same time, if you are not a billionaire of course, or not sitting in the big company.
Now, you will be able to drink red, white, rose or other wine and do not feel guilty for wasting the whole bottle.
However, that is not all. The small device will be able to count the glasses of wine in the bottle, identify the sort of wine and send the recommendations through wifi system about the best food that suits to the wine.
You will receive the complete information even about the country and a year of its creation.
Well, there is one tiny little problem. Kuvee will work only with special types of wine that were patented in the company.
Their wines cost from 15 to 50 dollars for a bottle and were made in California.
If the buyer enjoys the wine, it can be ordered online in a few seconds.
Kuvee can be pre-ordered right now, for $179 each.


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