A brand new game of Pokemon called “Pokemon go”, an augmented version of the favourite video game is all set to release in the month of July. It comes along with a wearable device called ‘Pokemon Go Plus’.

During the E3 live stream of the game publisher, Nintendo said that they were making the new ‘Pokemon Go’ game in collaboration with Niantic Labs.

In the Live Q&A streaming, famous video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto released some details about the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. He also said the hardware is just an optional device for game.

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The executives of the companies who were developing the application of the game had shown their wrist-worn wearable, which works on Bluetooth for finding the Pokemon without the need of a smartphone in hand.

The device starts working by flashing green light and would eventually vibrate signalling the player whenever the Pokemon are close to the player.

The wearable will display a rainbow colour light when the character is caught and red colour light if it is not captured. They also said that the hardware device which will also be released along with the game would cost around $35. It will be available for both IOS and Android by the end of July

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As the Augmented reality and Virtual reality is the present trends today. All the tech giants are concentrating on these fields for building their new products. Recently Google has also made an attempt to test AR by a game called Pokemon challenge where several wild Pokémon are taking residence throughout Google Maps on top mountains, forests everywhere.

The company is planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular video game series, which also featured in movies and attained huge craze, fan base in the people.

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 Pokémon Company is also in the thought of releasing two new role-playing games, “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon,” in the coming November for Nintendo’s 3DS device.

The idea of developing a game which not only sticks to the brain but also involving some physical activity is good for everyone. We can expect more AR, VR games from the top video game companies in the upcoming features.


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