To all my readers, today I would like to give you a Tip to create awareness of your health.

The research agency says consuming hot beverages may lead to Oesophageal cancer if it preferred more than 65 degrees C.

The WHO(World Health Organisation) agency declared that coffee will not cause cancer, but a detailed research found that scorching drinks may leads to cancer. Earlier in 1991, coffee was classified as a cancer cause, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has now reconsidered the evidence.

The previous study or research published on the subject found that coffee drinkers have no reason to worry. South America people widely consume an herbal drink also known as Cimarron or chimarrao, where oesophageal cancer is more common when to compare to other parts of the world.

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IARC conducted research and found that the herbal drink mate was not the reason for cancer but if it consumed more than 65C, might lead to cancer. The agency also looked at hot beverages consumed at high temperature in central Asia, China, and Japan.

The American Institute for Cancer Research says:

“Coffee’s possible link to cancer is a well-studied one, with over 1,000 studies on the topic. Early in the research, some studies hinted that coffee might increase cancer risk. Larger and well-designed studies now suggest the opposite: it may be protective for some cancers.”

There is no concluded message given by the WHO that coffee can cause cancer but drink it below 65C or 149F, and more than that it might leads to Oesophageal cancer. Not only boiling coffee, but it might also be a tea, water. Any hot beverage consuming more than 149 degrees Fahrenheit can result in cancer.

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A group of 23 scientists convened by International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has evaluated that any hot beverage consuming may lead to carcinogenic it exceeds more than 65C.

UN study says the places such as China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and South America; they drink hot beverages boiling more than 70 degrees C and found increasing in oesophageal cancer more and more.

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I suggest that there should be an immediate awareness program to be conducted around the world where the risk of carcinogenic is rising in high.


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