An animatronic cat tail powered by four AA batteries is now available at ThinkGeek for $35.  All you need to do is just clip it on to your pants. The furry cat tail hanged back cheerfully moves back and forth. Make fun around you with this creative invention. Love cosplaying? Then you can buy it for any costume play or for a Halloween day. You can make your kid’s parties more joyful by becoming an anthropomorphic version of a house cat. But deep down you know it’s really your first tentative step towards becoming furry.

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Mechanical or robotic Cat tails are been available in the market from way long, but this ThinkGeek’s motorized cat tail is the affordable piece and it is definitely a easy to put on component. Unlike earlier ones this new creation is easy because you need not struggle with the belts or glue to put on. A very small clip makes bother less about your tail once you put on. Spend your weekends/weekdays/every last waking second, more with this. Check out the surrounding when you put on this motorized cat tail and especially make sure when kids clip on this in a messy room.


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