iPhone 7 for Free ?

In a unique way, Apple iPhone 7 has been offered for free to the first five Ukrainians who change their name to iPhone 7. Yes, it is true. The offer is declared by a local retailer ‘Allo.’ The offer with the terms and conditions clearly explained is a different one to hear among the routine ones.

The Allo has stated that the first five people who apply for the change of their names should send a passport photograph and the name changing letter issued by the local government authorities. Thy, in fact, should carry the originals while collecting personally the Black colored Apple iPhone 7. It is free.

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Such an offer is interesting to hear. As everyone knows that the name change might not cost as much as the purchase of the iPhone 7 model. So very easy to make the offer available. No complications too in just changing the name. But remember, the name should be strict “Sim iPhone 7”.

Though awkward and new to hear such a name for a person, getting a free iPhone is the main achievement for those who decide to do so. Many locals think that the name change won’t be so much problematic as the friends and relatives will, however, call by the name that is kept a year long back. Only the record will have the name change. Those who do not travel abroad and Passports unnecessary individuals can avail the offer with joy.

In the past, we already heard of Apple fanboys. The Allo store is, however, did not claim any of the individual coming to them for grabbing the said offer.

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In Ukraine, the Apple iPhone costs nearly $1,000 which is a huge amount for them to afford. This is just the offer that is declared by the local retail seller of the iPhones, and the Apple does not have any involvement in this.


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