For the past one year, Twitter is in the headlines for its declining revenue. Many steps have been taken by the management in order to overcome the situation that is negative for the company’s growth.

Tomorrow, the Board of directors will meet and analyze the present situation and plan the future. It is expected that a statement might come in favour of Sale of the site. Twitter is one of the oldest and huge accepted social network site and standalone operating company.

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Evan Williams, co-founder and firm’s largest shareholder of Twitter, in a recent meeting has expressed his views regarding the independence of the company. Present CEO Jack Dorsey, has been named by him as a right man for the company’s acquisition or merging job.

This year many web companies underwent through acquisition or mergers. The high-profile list of companies and individuals that are linked with Twitter are keen about the tomorrow’s decision. There are also rumours in the tech world that the company is all set for $18 billion selling price.

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Dorsey’s live video strategy which has invested heavily in Twitter with respect to sports and media streaming partnerships, may also suffer a set back with the merger or sale decision if announced. On the other hand the jobs of the employees in the organization is a matter of concern.


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