A bizarre advertisement has made the country feel crazy for a moment, as it is tired of domestic terrorism and police shootings from a couple of days. A popular German personal skin care brand, Nivea has released an advertisement which features a remote controlled Seagull drone that poops sunscreen lotion on the kids playing at the beach.

Let me narrate you the ad in detail, the scene starts at a sea where families are shown enjoying the beach time and especially kids are focused where they do not wish to stand still long for elders to apply the sunblock, then comes the weird seagull remote-controlled by two agency employees who hide in nearby dune and starts squirting the lotion on kids whose skin is unprotected from the hot sun.

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Nivea teamed up with a German ad agency Jung von Matt/Elbe, to build the seagull drone- inspired from a modern remote control airplane. The seagull drone features floppy yellow legs and an interesting digestive system- to poop sunscreen lotion on kids at bead.

The pilots of the drone with the help of a UV camera detect the kids who haven’t applied the sunscreen and then target them to drop the lotion. Nivea explains this process of targeting kids as “the hunt.” And the craziest thing in the ad is the noise made by the seagull drone while pooping the lotion. This sound makes the little ones giggle.

The ad agency Jung von Matt/Elbe entered the seagull ad into the Cannes Lions contest for marketing. John Hegarty, co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and advertising Jury President of the 2016 June Cannes Lion Awards, during a press conference stated that “One [campaign] we debated long and hard was the flying seagull from Nivea.” He also added that “it’s the most stupid thing I think I’ve seen in my whole life.”

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According to AdWeek, when they approached the ad agency for a comment a representative in Germany said that the PR department of the Nivea does not want to promote the video, so they do not promote it.