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Dallas Shooting Of Police Officers Was Live-Streamed On Facebook

A fatal Police shooting at Dallas that left four cops dead and seven others wounded on Thursday night was live streamed on Facebook. Michael Kevin Bautista streamed the video using latest video-sharing feature of Facebook when the bullets crashed out at the Dallas protests against killing two black men.

 The video footage on Facebook which has been viewed more than 1 million times shows police officers lying on the street beside their department cruisers as shots continued to rang out. Police explain this site as an “active shooter situation” and   warned agitators to leave the site. Around two SWAT teams were on the scene.

“Holy shit. Holy shit,” Bautista said in the video which he was recording on his phones, as it looks like an exchange of gunfire between officers and a gunman. “They’re shooting right now, and there’s an officer down. They’re moving in on somebody. I think they might have got somebody.”

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This live streaming is considered to be the second gruesome broadcast in as many as days on the social media. Social networking which started as a platform to share photos and stay connected with each other has now become a place for political debate. In a short span of three months from its launch, Facebook’s Live-streaming feature has turned into a reflector of people’s lives.

The video also shows that Michael was describing the scene while he reassured that the Facebook video viewers that he was safe. And then he was eventually instructed to leave the place, which he said standing behind a tree. The video was live-streamed on Thursday was posted in less than a day after the upshot issue of a police shooting of a Minnesota driver Philando Castle, that was broadcasted live on Facebook by his girlfriend.

David Brown, Dallas Police Chief in a statement to the media explained that the officers were fired by the snipers with high-powered rifles above the rally.


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