Indian Space Research Organization and Automotive Research Association of India developed a lithium-ion battery to power the electrical vehicles. This lithium batteries are invented to charge after satellites.

The first lithium pro type has installed on electric two wheeler. It is unveiled at ARAI in Pune on Wednesday. The characteristics of this lithium batteries is, it power very fast on small non-commercial vehicles with bigger battery and higher volt.

E-Cycles built with Lithium-Ion battery Launched in Mangalore

The ISRO and ARAI is looking to partner with automotive companies to commercialize this technology. T Mookiah, associate director, (R&D), Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, and deputy director, VSSC, said country imports 100% of the lithium battery requirements, and up to now there is no manufacturing in the country.

At present these batteries are using in the satellites, now they are going to use to charge the electric vehicles. Both the organizations ISRO and ARAI are working on this project from 2015. Automotive Research Association of India has taken the responsibility of testing and validating the battery which is responsible for battery management using its own proprietary system.

They are many processes in battery management like battery integration, packaging, carrying out the deep charge and deep discharge test, thermal management, adapting to Indian driving conditions, and duty cycles. With this battery capacity two wheeler can run 90 km to 150 km charge.

Bendable, Twistable, Flexible Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery developed by Panasonic

At present SIAT 2017 is going at pune. The convener of SIAT 2017 Anush Deshpande said the raw material of battery is imported and remaining manufacturing was totally done in India only. After manufacturing these batteries here the cost of product will goes down.

They launched this prototype on Wednesday with 48 volt 50 ampere power battery and which is successfully runs up to 90 kms which is charged for 2 hours. The running cost per km would be 20 to 30 paisa. Indian Space Research Organization has tied up with BHEL Company to manufacture these batteries