The new flexible Lithium-ion Battery by Panasonic can be bent up to 25 mm radius and twisted at 25 degrees angle. A thickness of 55 mm or 0.022 inches makes the battery possible to be flexible. This flexibility is the new standards that set by the company.

Till date, this much flexibility among the batteries not expected nor made possible. One of the advantages is that, as they are bending and twisting ability. They can used in wearable’s in future smartphones that might bend.

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But care should taken in regarding the bending and twisting. If the angle exceeds, then there are high chances of the battery getting damaged and unusable. This might also bring down the weight of the device in which this battery is placed in.

Further research and developments are carried out to enhance the flexibility. Future developments might also ensure the battery capacity to hold the charge. At present these batteries can hold a charge of just 17.5mAh to 60mAh of charge.

This charge is not enough to support a smartphone or any other category of that category. Before Panasonic, Lenovo has introduced the concept of flexible batteries. These become vital as there are strong messages that are viral in the gadget markets about the introduction of bending smartphones.

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There is also a strong need for an increase in the size as it is off now. The bigger will be the size, the better usage for the gadgets would be.

Many gadget manufacturers are in a queue, if the batteries get succeeded in preserving the characteristic features even after the renovation of supporting higher devices like smartphones.

At present, there is no further information regarding the product such as price and its availability in the free market.

Source: Panasonic


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