On November 17th we celebrate International student’s day. Many of you got a question of what is international students day. It is a day to tell all students are equal, neither is greater nor is lesser. In our society, we have race discrimination, caste discrimination, status discrimination, etc.  But the student should not get dirty with all these impurities.

Celebrating of international student’s day started in 1939. In the University of Prague, students were killed due to the discriminations. A student named John Opletal, and other nine students are brutally murdered in this incident on November 15th. After making a union in the university, they decided to have a day with a name of International student day. So, on every year on November 17th we observe this day.

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Everywhere student is a student, there is no difference between any students. Unity should be developed between the students. Mainly in top universities people will come from different countries to study, they will join in the different field. Every student comes to the university with many hopes and dreams, but after coming to the colleges they are facing many troubles, some are expressing the grief, and some are committing suicide.

This problem is mainly occurring due to the lack of unity, and discriminations are occurring between the students and spoiling their life. So this International Students day is introduced.

On this International Students day 2016 what you are planning to do? Here you can check this International student’s day images. If you want to participate in this world’s students day celebrations, make a campaign and collect your friends and start your International Students day activities.