is the website which clears all data with one button. Nowadays the internet is crucial than anything else. We are spending our maximum time on internet. We have created different types of accounts for entertainment or infotainment.

Sometimes we will get the situation to make digital suicide. We want to hide our self to the world, at that time we want to delete all our accounts and information. But sometimes we will forget what types of accounts we have created and what passwords we have given to the account. At that time this website will be very helpful.

Google to Spam Pixel Resellers with “Digital Death Sentence”

By signing with your Google account on this website, it will delete all your accounts created this Google account.

Clean up your existence

First of all, you have to visit website. You have to sign in with your Google account. It instantly gets a list of all accounts and matched with all direct links to delete them. Each and every account will be deleted

Everything in one place

After signup with Google, they will give the list of services, and you have created with this account. Maybe it is a social networking site, e-commerce site, applications, etc., whatever you created it will display everything

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Easily deseat yourself

They will give the direct links to delete the page and instructions on how to delete your account for good. So by that you can easily delete all your accounts

Privacy and data

Privacy and data security is the important factor in this website. We are choosing what to delete in the queue and what should be in the keep. That’s it, and since and they use Googles OAuth protocol and they don’t have access to any of our login information