India is no less when compared to any of the western countries regarding technology or fashion. Indians are adopting various cultures, civilizations which are practiced in different parts of the world.

The evolution of the Third Gender in India is one of the important things which is recognized by the Indian society.Now the third gender is official in India and Indian Railways is the latest one to officialize it.

All transgender people will come under the third gender. They got special status in all state and central government organizations. Up to now, we have only two options in gender at every application form, but now onwards the third gender will also add in the option.

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Recently IRCTC has added third gender options in Indian Railway Ticket Reservation Forms. Railway ministry said Supreme Court instructed hijras, eunach’s will come under the third gender. In the reservation and cancellations forms along with male and female, the third gender is included. This information will be captured by the system and tickets to transgender will be issued on full fare.

Ration Cards:

In ration cards also they have added the option of the 3rd gender. After a great battle, they got this right. In 2015 they got this right after fighting in the Allahabad high court. Under national food security act 2013, they have given the third gender option along with male and female.


Life Insurance Corporation has also added this 3rd gender options in their proposal forms. At present, there is 70% insurance market share in the country. The financial planner and LIC agent Poonam Rungta told we could see better India with this change


In 2005 Indian government added gender options for transgender. In passport application, you can find the options like Male, Female, and Eunuch.

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In 2015 banks also added transgender as one of the genders in the application forms. Bank accounts are a must and should for every citizen of India. Banks got news that transgender is facing difficulties while opening bank accounts. So they have introduced the option in the application form